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Summer made simple

Summer made simple


Whether you're throwing a few things in a bag for a last minute escape, or going further, for longer, here are the summer staples to keep you glowing and full of sparkle that I am relying on right now:

Softest stretch Terry-towelling hoodies + a trio of our remedies for the ultimate summer essentials combo:

Bridie & Bert x Lizzie Loves  £45 

Towelling Hoodie in Rose/White or Sky/White stripes with a 3 pack of my remedies £45 (RRP £58).



The suncream I use all summer.




The most nourishing face oil and hydrating treatment essence to spritz on in combination, the duo from skincare that has become cult, there is nothing quite like these from the Vintner's Daughter, (they do minis of both if you're in the US so you can try them out and take them away with you).



Pick N Mix is my top pick for packing, the trio of all three remedies.

All 3 for the road, immune perking, help with those restless summer nights and any dodgy traveller tummies to deal with.

SUMMER20 will give you 20% off our remedies as a sunny treat from us.


Sunscreen for children should be mineral. Read about the difference here.

This is a great one.



 Rose Quartz Face roller for ironing any tired faces,  I keep mine in the fridge which adds an extra refreshment on hot days. Use with a night oil for a lovely relaxing moment.


The firepit that works as a bbq / garden heater / summer evening friend / Love Island token! Whatever it is my favourite addition to my outdoor space this year. 




My favourite gut shot that sets me up first thing every morning, Symprove is always in my packing and especially useful for those ties on holiday when things can get out of step.

My code: LIZZIE15 is running for the summer holidays and will get you 15% off a 12 week programme I can't rec more highly for banishing any bloat and making me feel brighter every day.


The Wellness Duo to keep holidays happy and healthy. 

Be Well in the morning as an insurance policy for our immune systems when pizza and pasta might be the staples, and Be Sleepy for bedtime to keep summer nights restful. 




Shiva Roses a natural deodorant with a deliciously summery air.



What I'm packing in anticipation of falling in love:

Paperback: Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Dare

Hardback: How to Kill your family by Bella Mackie  





Lip Gloss plus high SPF  a glossy, hydrating lip balm that protects your pout at the same time.

I never remember the to cover up my lips but this added shimmer keeps me keen.



Sparkle machine. Make your own cocktails and fresh fizzy drinks without all the added stickiness or churning through endless plastic.



We heard you wanted bigger bundles of Be Sleepy, so we made them better value when you go big to keep your nights calm in the holidays.




Rainbow Rug Chic , waterproof, pure wool and ready to roll up and carry. All al fresco dining or garden picnics need some of this. 


Garden Pesto Linguine and roasted butternut squash means you can make ahead and use herbs you may have sitting on your windowsill.





My very favourite sparkling refresher, the three flavours of Agua de Madre are all on rotation here and have natural gut goodness in them too.



My everyday  tinted moisturiser with a mineral SPF that isn't clogging or chalky and adds a little glow too.





Collagen Frappaccinos are a summer joy

Ancient & Brave Collagen come in individual serving Sachets - which we always love.

I've been adding in their best quality collagen to my coffee for a while now, and I swear it makes me feel smoother of face, and happier about my coffee swilling habit. Watch this space as we're giving some away v soon on here.


The beautifully crafted tie-dye ware made by mother and daughter team  The Dyer's Daughter - makes perfect tees as beach wear, and the socks are my go to gifts for hosts or friends needing a brightener right now.


Vivo Barefoot Shoes for staying grounded or climbing trees with more connection. 

LIZZIELOVES10 will get you 10% off any kids, women's or mens shoes.

The best investment in a summer of roaming free, my three have loved the change from regular trainers, and we're all noticing how much more we feel, and how differently we move as a result.


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