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For the Beauty Queens

For the Beauty Queens

Perfect your dewy look for the festive season using things that aren't full of stuff you wouldn't want to be absorbing into your system, but that work a treat. 

Things I use and love or have just discovered and am obsessed, I've road tested everything here.



Cloud Paint

Every day pinched cheeks that also works on lips, these tubes are basic I love Puff for gentle pink, or Spark for a pop of red for evening cheek.




The updated version of a guide to what you need, what it does and why you'll love it. No BS by Caroline Hirons who's been in beauty forever and must know everything..... 



The Organic Pharmacy Hero's Set - perfect minis to try 




May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon

That Blue Tansy magic, I just discovered this (thanks to the all brilliant Caroline Hirons) and it is everything you'd want in a 'concentrate' that is a serum / moisturiser and hydrater all at once. 


For zooms, filming, makes everyone look better




In every sense, these Hyularonic Tan Drops are a winter essential - Just the best thing to give good glow, whilst delivering a Hyaluronic serum too - a gradual tan, that I add to my night oil or under my cream. Keep that winter face up people.



Favourite All time Face Oil


The gentlest make up remover and Cleansing Balm



Dreamiest Bath and Body Oil with a Pillow Spray


Time Traveler, rich moisturiser by Skin Alchemists 


The SIlk Pyjamas that need to go out


Epsom and Dead Bath Salts

This is simple and fabulous value with Lavender and Jasmine are my sleepy solution after a big day.


Rainbow gold Ear Cuff



Cleansing Oil and Serum with exfoliating cloth


Juicy Mist

created by Psychotherapist who sees how skincare counts



Days of the week on your sustainable pants. Love Shack Fancy x Stripe & Stare and so good.

LIZZIE20 for 20% off anything Stripe & Stare


Cleansing Night Oil with wash cloth 




 Sashiwashi Body Cloth

Best face cloth: Made of Bamboo with natural exfoliating texture



Brightening Hyaluronic Serum



Rose Bath and Body Oil Duo 

Cook Beautiful by style maven creator of EyeSwoon



Small Vintage Engraved Crystal Vase 


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