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Lizzie King

Author, Cook, Nutritional Health Coach and Mother of three.

Founder of Lizzie Loves Healthy, her successful blog, which was created to help families feed their children deliciously and keep them well. 

In 2017 she published her best-selling, first cookbook, Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food. Since then she has shared her knowledge and passion for food and health by teaching classes, holding workshops and working with brands to create recipes and ideas for families to stay well.

In 2020, she launched Lizzie Loves Inc. 

A set of natural remedies born of her desire to keep children's health at the optimum at all times.

When she couldn't find what she wanted, she made them herself, for everyone to be able to use and to make our children stay well.

These new, natural remedies, are an innovative range of supplements for children harnessing the power of nature and the knowledge of the research arena to be the most effective targeted remedies to keep our children well, peaceful and happy. 

They come in single serve, portable, compostable eco-sachets, powders that can just be added to water. 

BE WELL to bolster immune systems

BE SETTLED to calm upset stomachs


BE SLEEPY for a more restful night’s sleep

"We're all incredibly excited for you to be able to use these at long last. I hope you find them as effective as I have."

Lizzie King