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For the Pups

For the Pups

I'm very new to this, we got our Golden Retriever puppy Bobby in May, but he is now very much the love bomb we all adore. And his first Christmas needed celebrating - but with things that are useful, good for him and delicious, as with all my lists, zero crap and all the good stuff.



By Louise Glazebrook

First up, buy this for anyone who owns a dog, first timers, old timers and everyone in between. It's glorious.

Her and her team at The Darling Dog Company are available to train, help and advise with any of your pup queries.

And she has the most brilliant behaviour boxes curated by her with hard to find treats and delights that you and your fluff bag will delight in.



Loving these Christmas Training and Chew toys


Duck with Festive Cranberry treats,

for training, or for Christmas. Or both.


Large Washable, Super soft Dog Bed - never enough of these



Antler Chews for puppies and dogs


Edgard & Cooper Gift Box

6 Grain Free Presents for adult Dogs



 Himalayan Puppy Chews made from natural hard cheese, adds calcium to their chewing game.

Never enough decent treats ( not full of rubbish I mean, actual real food)


An Inflatable collar - so much kinder than the horrible cones



All natural, meaty chews


A Happy Poochmas box of Christmas treats by Pooch & Mutt



Set of Rope Chews


Salmon Skin Chews 


Zip up Drying BLANKET







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