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For the Foodie

For the Foodie

Brass Mirrored Drinks Trolley 



Stainless Steel Ice cream maker

Gelato, sorbet, frozen yoghurt, makes it all


Scallop Trim Linen Napkins


13 piece Greenpan set of Ceramic Non-stick Cookware


Heston's Digital Meat Thermometer


Med By Claudia Roden


Iittala Large Roasting Dish 


 These Cranberry sets are a perfect one for the festivities.


16 piece Swiss Cutlery Set  


The Christmas hero - everything for the big day all done and delivered

Set up by a chef and a foodie My Supper Hero is a luxe Recipe Box you'll love

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Ottolenghi's Test Kitchen


Smokey Vase I am coveting right now


The Magimix 

My Desert Island Kitchen Kit 



Aperitivo Set of DREAMS


Softest Brushed Cotton Boyfriend Shirt in Plaid

£20 off with this link


 Cornish Sea Salt Pinch Pots

All the flavours



These gold rimmed coups are so very chic

The prettiest vintage style glasses, hand engraved and that also go in the dishwasher and never ever go cloudy as they're lead free.


Glass Cake Stand 




LIZZIE10 for 10% off your first order

Homemade food flash frozen, vegan, gf, whatever you need -  and delivered in all its delicious freshness to keep you free from eternal kitchen duties, or as a gift that anyone would adore.




Nigel Slater's latest, 


 Handmade Coffee Cups in colours or grey marble

a love letter to one of the greatest culinary traditions in the world



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