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For the Health Nut

For the Health Nut


I love taking. daily dose of bovine or marine Collagen - sourcing as always is key.


Dairy Free Collagen Creamer in Caramel

perfect for swirling into hot drinks


Stretch and Burn Jumpsuit

All in one jumpsuit of dreams made with regenerated nylon 





Fitbit Charge 5

with Readiness Scores, EDA sensor and 6 months free Fitbit Premium 



Overdone the workouts, or feeling the aches, this willow and eucalyptus infused epsom bath salts combo is my tonic 


Electrolyte drink for replenishing and refreshing


High Strength Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric with Black Pepper




SYMPROVE My favourite probiotics, taken every day - uniquely water-based and therefore getting all the strains of gut bugs to where they are needed untouched.

LIZZIE15 for 15% off their 12 week programme - I can not exist without this gut elixir after years (decades) or IBS / bloating / gut issues.




Himalayan Salt Lamp with two candle holders - Destress and reset the balance in a room with a warm glow.


'High Spirits' Wellness Gift Set - An instant superherb fix to uplift and energise

Delicious Body Oil and White Mint tea Pyramids to reset the balance inside and out


The best blender there is. Lasts a lifetime. Makes all my smoothies, soups, sauces and lollies, I couldn't live without it.



Always the time of year when I need some extra help. This combination of digestive enzymes are really effective if you know you'll be eating more / richer foods than you're used to.


BE SETTLED x3 Made with Activated Charcoal, apple and peppermint - I take this at the first signs of any tummy upsets, bloating, overeating or drinking and I'm case of gluten accidents (as a coeliac). A must have in my holiday cabinet and overnight bag.

POURWELL. A brilliant present for the sober curious / non-drinker. A box of ideas with a full size non alcoholic drink to make cocktails, healthy snacks, mixers and garnishes.

CODE:  LIZZIEQ42150 for 50% off your first box and 25% off the second



INESSA has a special ADVANCED MULTI VIT blend that has real doses of bio available ingredients, COQ10 and high levels of D3 (it is so disappointing how many vitamins out there are just not effective).


 These three Natural Remedies

for winter immunity, dealing with tummy bugs and a better night sleep.



Raw and Unpasteurised for anti bacterial and cough soothing 
For Immune protection



Mother Root 

A Ginger Switchel just my favourite non-alc that packs a punch


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