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For the Green Queen (& King)

For the Green Queen (& King)

Nothing better than giving things that make a difference. And often we don't know about, or don't get round to buying green swaps for ourselves.

So here are my picks of all the things I've relied on or discovered recently that I think are clever, practical and how we need to think from here on:


Restorative Pine Bath Milk


Set of Sillicone lids

Also saving on food waste by keeping all those leftovers fresh



Pink PJs for green dreams

You can mix fashion with comfort and green creds with Stripe and Stare - their materials are biodegradable, not whilst you wear them obviously....

LIZZIE20 for 20% off all they have on their site.




Composter for the garden



Beeswax Wraps x Emma Bridgewater 

Cling film be gone - reuse these sticky wax wraps and make your fridge beautiful


Vegan Trainers from ocean plastic 

Made with the Blue Marine Foundation



Coffee Bag Clip Spoon 


Staying Alive in Toxic Times



 Set of Glass Jars for keeping the kitchen cupboard tidy


Wild Rose Liquid Soap


 Eco Firelighters

Spruce Wood Wool Coated Wax for instant fire-starting


Chicest Shoes made with Sustainability at their heart



Ceramic coffee Maker Set


Sustainable, recyclable Cycle Helmet

That gives back to the Marine Foundation



Pretty Shorties that are biodegradable

(only after you're done!) 

LIZZIE20 for 20% off everything on their site


WHY MEDITATE? Because it works


Oversized Silk Sets to wear in in and out out

From a company that puts sustainability top of their list




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