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For the Tweens and Teens

For the Tweens and Teens

One of the worst for overloading on plastic, junk food, screen-centric and useless STUFF that will be landfill in a few weeks.

The gift industry has spent decades pumping out things aimed at the Tweens and Teens, but there are lots of gorgeous things out there that they will want and need and use. 


Sherlock Holmes Full Set



Stargazing, mood setting, with blue tooth, musical night light


This bracket and knicker set by Stripe & Stare where your underwear is biodegradable, the softest thing you'll brush up against this Christmas. 

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Noise cancelling wireless Sony headphones



Charm necklace



Girls Gift Goals Box LIZZIE15 for 15% off

The award-winning, earth-friendly skincare created by an ex-Beauty editor.

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 Guinness Book of Records 2022


Mini Fridge for the full hotel at home experience....



An ambient (keeps under the tree) baking box with all you need to make 90 meringue girls kisses.

All eco wrapping.

Eco Vests & Camis from my favourites

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Blue tooth speaker 


Spot zappers, Lip Smoother and Bite Buster in one BALM


Gentle Rose Face Cream for sensitive skins


Charger skins to chic up sockets (and put off the light fingered)

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 

Waterproof, Bluetooth, Portable, Surround sound, 10 hours battery life speaker



Roasted Cauliflower + aubergine dip flatbreads in a Recipe Kit

My Supper Hero has an incredible menu to get everyone in the kitchen without the faff.

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White socks in pairs (how long though)




Body shop Camomile Face trio:

Muslin, gentle make up remover and soap

Burt's Bees Mistletoe x3 Lip treats

Lip shimmer, lip balm and a tinted Pomegranate balm



Probiotic Skincare Set

Cleansers, moisturiser and cloth all whilst keeping your teens sensitive skin biome happy

Make your own Lip, Body Balm Kit


Dimmer Light, Clock, Alarm, Bluetooth speaker

Keep the phones out of bedrooms trick


They do need socks, always. Black Nike is a simple solve.



 Lip gloss birthday balm by Glossier

Sparkly and like cake on your lips.



 The LOGO Board Game



Electronic Keyboard 




Everything your tween could need to keep fresh and glowing whether home or away.

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Nutribullet as a handy way of packing in a decent smoothie when appetites might not be huge in the morning.  


Luscious Hair and Body the KIT for girls

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Sustainable Shortie Sets

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14+ and one for laughs
22 vitamins and minerals designed for the growing body's needs


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