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For Him

For Him

This is an area I can always do better in - I find inspiration hard to come by when often they have what they like and know what they want.
Here are some eternally useful and beautiful additions that all the men will love.
Set of 6 hand engraved vintage Liqueur Glasses, also look fabulous with mini chocolate deserts (steal away, they go in the dish washer)
If you give this to the person you live with, you also get it....

LIZZIE10 for 10% off everything on their site. 
Heavy-bottomed and hand-engraved, these lead-free glasses won't go cloudy and will go in the dishwasher.
Why Stephen Fry's Ties always matter
Bella Freud Bond Mugs Dr No in Gold
Chef prepped Recipe Kits delivering feasts ready to make in minutes
LIZZIE20 for 20% off your first order
This Air Purifier, heater and cooler is asthma and allergy approved
Had mine for 4 years and not sure how we lived without it.
Copper LED Lights for everywhere


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