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The Lizzie Loves Sleep System

The Lizzie Loves Sleep System

The joy of sleep and the healing powers it brings are what we have spent a long time thinking about at Lizzie Loves.

In creating our new Be Sleepy, we wanted to create a unique, targeted formulation that was natural, not full of nasties, and was highly effective. 

Sleep is King

Whilst we've been bowled over by the response from you and so many of our customers telling us how it has helped so hugely in your pursuit of sleep, and helping your children get to sleep and stay asleep to awake rested and ready for the day.

However, there are so many factors at play here, there is no magic wand, and this isn't a sleeping potion, so we talked to the experts, called on our founder's 14 years of experience with three children and put together a Sleep System to help everyone get more rest and feel better.


x1 Be Sleepy sachet

200ml milk warmed and frothed

Stir through the powder into the first spoonful of milk , reserving a pinch. Pour over the remainder and sprinkle the last pinch of powder on top. Drink 1-2 hours before bed for a dreamy night.


By following these simple steps, and supporting how nature wants to create a rhythm for you, you are optimising your chances of a child who sleeps well and wakes up with a spring in their step.

 5 Steps to a Good night

  1. Set a timer 2 hours before bedtime so the routine is established at the same time each night
  2. Mornings for light, Evenings for dark  -get outside in the morning, this sets up our circadian rhythm. And at the same time in the evenings dim the lights, draw the curtains and pack away the screens, this increases our natural melatonin production.
  3. Warm bath with Epsom Salts - as well as a lovely routine, the science agrees that a warmed core temperature before bed induces a better sleep and Epsom salts add calming magnesium as well.                                             
  4. Enjoy a bedtime mug of Be Sleepy - warm milk, with a single sachet whisked in, gives a perfect combination of Magnesium, L-Theanine and Montmorency Cherry, to naturally relax and unwind in body and mind and support a dreamy night's sleep.
  5. Story in bed and lights out. Nothing simpler than a sign off to bedtime than the classic.









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Oct 27, 2021 • Posted by Sarah Myers

Morning Lizzie can I just ask you I live in Ireland and I want to buy your product so just asking do you know if we have to pay customs charges on arrival into Ireland.

Many thanks


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