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Staycation Summer Staples

Staycation Summer Staples

The things you need to make going away however near or far, a good time.

Just the essentials, from the good guys making decent things, the skin stuff you want to absorb, what you want to read, eat and sleep with to stay sparkling all summer.


Picture credits @ryanseatka


Hand Spray for tender hands that doesn't leave them rough, red and fraught

LIZZIE10 for 10% off


Bamboo Plasters with brilliant extras to heal and soothe, the charcoal ones draw stubborn splinters out


Travel minis always get me; and this is the luxe version, my favourite cleansing oil and face serum set that also comes with the best face cloth created in Japan


No nasties nail colour that's beautiful and non-chippy


Styling market bag for travel and groceries made in Ghana by a female collective


 The blow up arm chair to make everything better
My favourite micro biome booster comes with us wherever - travels happily, and in the hold if you fly, and only needs a fridge when it's open - keeping the gut thriving whist away makes all the difference
LIZZIE15 gets you 15% off the 12 week programme until the end of July only
The Holy Grail of serums, face oil from the gods to soothe all skins
Nutritionally hot meals made by chefs, frozen, to be delivered, my Butternut Lasagne is racking up the starry reviews
LIZZIE10 for 10% off any orders on their site
Bump and bruise ointment - a must have for all wash-bags
 "Enlightened Beauty" by a pro, this elegant one slick pot has the perfect blush & glow duo, and they come in reusable cases of metal or card
Steel Ice rod and pourer to keep any bottles chilled on a table
Heavenly Organic Salt Scrubs to keep you buff in the buff
LIZZIE10 gives you 10% off
Tech forward UV filtering lid on this steel bottle, keeps the water clean wherever you are
Mineral Sunscreen from my favourite eco brand from NY for smalls, that rubs in a dream and leaves no-one ghostly
& their cooling aloe vera After Sun Gel
Best novel I've started this year
A garden game from Sweden that's part skittles, part pétanque, all ages adore it
A pop of colour while you stay glossy with an SPF
Soothing and hydrating milk for all skins after the sun
 Now they're Award-winning.....my remedies come in a handy Pick N Mix pack including one of each as essential packing; to solve all holiday issues; sickness, sleep and feeling run down
A book to fire you up and make you "feel alive" (Elizabeth Gilbert) if you haven't I urge you to start it
Solid Skincare is the future, with no plastic and minimal packaging, this Finnish company make my favourites with the shampoo bars adding all the gloss, and no leaky bottles in bags
Sunscreen for grownups that's mineral and non-nano ( you need to know if you don't)
Chinese whispers meets charades and dictionary - a great (and quick) game for everyone
If you don't know about Colloidal Silver have a read and mist it to keep bugs away in public 
My desert island face staple - the finest moisturiser that tints enough to let you glow and has SPF, prise this out of my cold, dead hands
Solid deodorant that smells insane and isn't full of hormone disruptors, glides on a cream and works, this Holi Rose is heaven
The best protein powder in town, high spec ingredients, their WOMAN formula does it all, and these single serving sachets are what I stash in my weekend bag
And their insulated can to take it on the run
Spritz on whenever you need a pep up, over or under make-up it always brightens and refreshes
*keep in the fridge if you're extra 
Honey drenching your face with an enzyme peel means you'll stay glowing away from home without scrubbing your sun-kissed face
A dry sun oil for protecting bodies from the rays, a nice alternative to creams
Bon Voyage




Cover Image @ryanresatka

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