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Hot Toddy for Health

Hot Toddy for Health

BE WELL Hot Toddy

Sipping a hot mug of this takes us way back to drinks we were given when we were tucked up in bed with sniffles, and this one has all the targeted goodness to help you rebound from the wintry bugs and feeling fabulous for festivities.

BE WELL was created to deal with flu season, including all the usual suspects; elderberry with Vitamins C, D, zinc and selenium, and adding in some fresh honey, lemon and ginger to make a hot drink is taking it to the next level for throat healing and sinus soothing.



1 sachet Be Well

½ lemon squeezed

½  inch ginger slice peeled

½ tsp manuka honey (or any active, unpasteurised honey)

Hot (not boiling) water


Add the ginger and honey to a mug and pour over the hot water, stir to melt honey, squeeze in the lemon and add the sachet of Be Well. Stir to combine and drink whilst still warm.




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