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BE WELL - Lizzie Loves Immune support

7 reviews
BE WELL - Lizzie Loves Immune support

BE WELL - Lizzie Loves Immune support

7 reviews

BE WELL supports children’s immune systems (5 x 2g sachets per carton)

Using the power of nature to fortify your immune system, to keep sniffles and colds at bay while helping you to get better, faster. For centuries elderberries have been used as a natural remedy. They are a rich source of antioxidants, which can help protect our bodies, and targeted Vitamins C + D which are crucial for the immune system. 

BE WELL makes a delicious berry tasting drink, with a bespoke blend of organic blackcurrant and elderberry, fortified with Vitamin C, D, zinc and selenium.

Key Ingredients

• Elderberries - a potent source of anthocyanins and vitamins can support our immune system with powerful antioxidant and anti-viral activity
• Vitamin C from organic blackcurrants for anti-inflammatory and immune support
• Vitamin D from mushrooms – supports respiratory tract health and immune guard
• Zinc - helps fight bacteria and viruses
• Selenium – reduces inflammation and enhances immune response

“This has kept my children from any days off school for years, and it tastes so insanely berry bursting, that they ask for it every day. I give it to them to keep their immune systems on fighting form, and at the first signs of a sniffle or scratchy throat to hasten their recovery”. Lizzie King


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Srinivas V.
United Kingdom
Super drink

My kids love the taste. They have this every morning. A great supplement for one of my boys who doesn't eat enough fruits. We will definitely rely on these through the winter. Thank you, Lizzie!

A delicious nourishing drink

My daughter absolutely loves Be Well - we just mix with water and she has it with her breakfast. She calls it her “special drink” and loves it. I love it too, it’s packed full of goodness to nourish her little body and so good to know she’s getting so many nutrients from one drink.

United Kingdom
Be well immune support review

I bought these as I’ve been after something for my daughter and I’ve followed Lizzie for a while now and agree with her ethos and was excited to try these. However I was left disappointed, I didn’t notice you only got 5 sachets (my fault for not reading carefully) so for £8 you only get 5 days worth of vitamins. I can’t afford to buy this product to use on a daily basis. So unfortunately won’t be buying again at nearly £50 a month. It’s double that if your child is older as it recommends two. It’s such a shame natural health is soo expensive and unaffordable to the many. The product itself is lovely though.

Lizzie Loves

Hi Hannah, Thanks very much for your feedback. I’m glad that you enjoyed the product. Sorry that you felt that it was expensive. We created these remedies over the past two years, formulating and sourcing the very best natural and organic ingredients which cost more than synthetic ingredients to produce. We researched the sustainable packaging arena to come up with the first compostable sachet used in the UK, which also proved more expensive. We wanted to create an offering of the very highest quality and performance whilst being true to our values and core principles of sustainability and efficacy, which has dictated the price of these products. We do offer as discount on the three pack, so if children are taking BE WELL everyday it works out even better value. We always want to do our best to offer brilliant products, and we’re currently working on exciting new format ideas. Hopefully as our company get’s bigger we’ll be able to bring the costs down. Thanks again for your comments, we’re a new company, so any feedback is really helpful. Lizzie.

United Kingdom
I feel great too!

We have mixed the BE WELL sachets in with kefir and berries and honey. The children have devoured the smoothie and are bouncing around full of energy. And I feel great too!

Lee M.
United Kingdom
Great healthy drinks for children!

Great service, posting. Love packaging and my 2 boys - 9 and 12 - loved the taste and drank in one go! They’re normally very fussy with ‘healthy’ drinks, etc but I’d have no hesitation to purchase these again.