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For the small ones

For the small ones


Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

Mine loved this for years 




The Paintbox Kits

All your artistes need from canvas, paints, brushes to eco glitter:

LIZZIETREAT will get you a surprise treat added to your order.


The Complete World Of Peter Rabbit Box Set £35 instead of £150



Weird But True - The National Geographic book for kids that I buy everyone



Hessian Bag of Christmas Bath Bombs


 Set of Kids Cutlery they'll LOVE


Be Sleepy - The Gift Of Sleep

Make the holidays a chance to rest better (10% off three pack)




Dead Sea Bath salts 

All natural with nothing added these dead sae salts nourish dry skin, eczema, rough patches etc.


Origami Wax sailboat Kit

Make from scratch then go sail your boat in the river





 The Budding Chefs need My First Cookbook by GBBO winner




Safe Junior Knife set for Le Petit Chef  - get them all helping in the kitchen. 



Blue Tooth Karaoke Machine with 2 mics 




 Marcus Rashford: How to be a Champion (Ages about 8-14)

BE WELL - stocking fillers of these to serve up daily Hot Not Toddy remedies to keep the bugs at bay for Christmas. 

x1 sachet with lemon and hot water and honey


Big Dreams does Dolly Parton

LIZZIE10 for 10% off everything they have


 A beautiful Gingerbread Men box from The Cook School Club with everything needed to bake these beauties including the cutter - perfect present!


 For all the armchair leaders out there. If I ran the Country 


The FULL SET for Le Petit Chef 


My lockdown learning heroes: This series: Dragon City books

The TRIO    


Rechargeable Moon LED Night Light 


Children's All new Encyclopedia  (7 yrs and up)


All recycled card and plant based inks
comes with books pre-loaded
LIZZIE10 for 10% off the lot





Gossamer Cotton Baby blanket 




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