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My top store cupboard staples

My top store cupboard staples

..........And where to get them (without leaving your house!)*

*nothing sponsored I just use all this stuff After being asked where I get my ingredients so often, I thought I should have a list together for you, to make it easier to grab whatever you need with a click of the mouse. The least wasteful (time and food) way to shop I find is with a plan and also from my phone/computer, plus I don't have time to run to the shops every time I need stuff, so I often buy in bulk on Amazon, supermarkets and great people online etc. Saving anyone from tramping the aisles of a shop with kids in tow and no idea where to look! With a plan and a few staples you can get some banging food on the table so fast. This is your passport to happiness I promise.


I have a delivery from the fabulous people at RIVERFORD once a week. You can choose size of box and what you want to add or take out, but it's a fabulous way of having fresh, organic fruit and veg to hand at all times.


Roasting kale, sprinkling onto omelettes, in cashew butter, this Nutritional Yeast is a flavour bomb. IT's great for Vegans and Vegetarians as it has B12 in it, which can be low if you're not eating animal products:

Engevita Savoury Yeast Condiment With B12 125 g (Pack of 3)


I always need chocolate. And I make things involving it a lot. The quality of your cocoa is KEY. This is what I use, it's the BEST cocoa powder around and it makes all the difference I promise: Callebaut cocoa powder - 1kg bag


As a coeliac I use a whole lot of different flours, but feel free to pick and choose, these are just my faves. And you can obviously get smaller quantities, but I like to have a stash of stuff as its cheaper and I know we'll eat it. As a staple: For my Banana Bread, Pancakes and so much more: Doves Farm Gram Flour 1 kg (Pack of 5)


So many to choose from, but these are the three I use all the time, for frying, roasting or baking.

Coconut Oil has a really high smoke point so is great for super high heats, frying etc: Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 444 ml If you want it without the coconut flavour, there is a flavourless one too: Biona Coconut Oil Cuisine Mild and Odourless 875 ml


Almonds are my base for so many things, making Almond Milk, Energy balls, Muesli, Granola or just a handful as a snack. Buy Whole Foods Organic Almonds 1 Kg Cashews are also eaten many times a day by someone. I throw them in whole to smoothies, iced coffee etc to make the texture creamy. Also organic is key as they are given a toxic ride otherwise... Buy Whole Foods Organic Cashew Nut Pieces 1 Kg


My Staples List, Recipes and Tips

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