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The Wellness Gift Guide

The Wellness Gift Guide


Ancient and Brave are responsible for some fabulous performance-based products supporting an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle from Collagen, MCT oil and Coffee and Cacao drinks that deliver health and fabulous flavour. A carefully crafted Vegan Collagyn  powder range for Body, Mind and Brain is their latest gem.

Anti Blue-Light Screen Protector. By blocking the blue light that devices give out, these anti-bacterial screens developed by optometrists prevent eye strain and hep you sleep better.

Dry body brush. Lymph, skin and energy all benefit from this bath extra.

Navy Robe with piping. Softest, sustainable beechwood robe to wear all day.

LIZZIE20 gives you 20% off site wide.

LED star light. So many of you wanted the star light  

An Air-Fryer Oven that fries, bakes, roasts and grills. With digital settings. 

Cosset that face and wake up feeling soothed and smoothed with this dreamy balm Evercalm, that is thick enough to nourish but not sticky or cloying, and the ingredients are so gentle, from a company that has a great track record for sustainability.

Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager Not the prettiest perhaps, but with added heat is a marvel. Way more affordable than the gun machines. It doesn't require a partner to help either.


Winter Wonder - Be Well + Balance Me nourishing hand cream.

We love Balance Me, so the combo of a berry drink full of all the vitamins we need for cold season with a neat bag handbag size of their super hydrating hand cream is just the winter ticket.

Fitbit Versa. My love for tracking my sleep, steps and heart rate has gone berserk this year. And I love this new version that looks pretty, and charges in an hour - which lasts a week. It's like having a health nanny on your wrist and I love that.


Velvet eye mask adorned with golden bees and as a bonus they are infused with lavender to help you drift off elegantly.


SAD Light therapy lamp, provides UV free light to glimmer across your desk and keep your mood up if you suffer from winter blues.


Supernova make better protein powder. For their WOMAN01 they blend a combination of impeccably sourced ingredients, that all have a very clear purpose and together it makes a drink that charges me up for the day. With adaptogens like Ashwaganda and Wild Chaga, I've got a lot of people hooked on the feeling. 

The hug in a mug recipe above is on their website.

UV-Filtering Water bottle. New tech genius lid that treats your tap water on the move, from an eco stalwart who give money to marine foundations.


The Recipe Kits from Farmdrop are beyond. This white bean, harissa carrot and feta we had last week and I'm re-ordering already. Mini glass jars for ingredients, and none of the horrendous plastic waste that some of the kit people create. Plus recipes full of flavour with impeccable ingredients 

This link gets you £20 off your order.

Recover Bath salts with Eucalyptus to ease the worked out limbs.


Storage baskets woven by hand by a collective or women in Ghana, every piece is made over days using traditional handicraft, and each time you buy something from this fabulous company you are supporting the financial independence of these women and helping to end period poverty. 

The Mother Root. Pouring a drink without the alcohol, has never been this fully rounded and delicious and enticing. I can't say enough about this ginger switches, made by hand, and last seen on Saturday Kitchen.

The Vitamix. The best food processor there is. We've had the same one for 12 years. Never a day we don't use it. 

Give someone the gift of fermentation. Nena Foster holds online classes on this, as well as kids cookery classes, and one to one's. 

 A concentrated turmeric anti-inflammatory that has helped many aches. For inflammation, digestive health and joint support.

Khaki Stripe Lounge set. Perfect comfort set - athletic nod but softest, cosiest kit you ever wore. Sustainably made with beechwood. 

LIZZIE20 for 20% off anything on the site. 

KidsOut Giving a Tree campaign means you can buy a present for a child in a refuge. 


 A Gorgeous Vegan Chocolate Hamper by Rococo. AMEN.

3rd Generation Hurom Extractor. The absolute beast of a juicer that masticates, cold-pressing the fruit and veg and keeping all the goodness in. ON MY LIST.

Pecan Brownie Energy Balls  from My Book which is only £12 right now - perfect cooking ideas for Christmas energy, with easy ways to sub ingredients you have to hand.

Organic Black Seed. Known for it's healing properties for digestion, gas, bloating and respiratory issues as well as asthma. 

Panzer's are a dream and their Wellness Hamper has everything to send the very best in health to someone you love. Pana Chocolate, activated almonds, sauerkraut, Kombucha, vegan broth, prana tea Himalayan salt, spice set.....

Scalp Scrub to nourish and remove dry skin and relieve itchy scalps.

Treatment Mini Facial Kit - Exfoliating and Brightening, miniatures of so many gorgeous Body Deli products 

PROBIOTICS. The key to all health is through the happiness if the gut microbiome. So I had to mention that for the WHOLE of November I have a discount for Symprove*, my favourite LIVE water based probiotic.

LIZZIE15 for 15% off a 12 week programme

*I work with them to spread the gut love.

Himalayan Salt Lamp with dimmer. Purifies, calms and eases.

Diary Planners 2021 - we may need them.

Stylish Specs. Boutique Optician and designer-lead label. Got me through zoom life by upgrading my no make-up face every time.

They do prescription lenses free of charge. And sunglasses that are just as fabulous. 

Metallic Jumper for some sparkle over anything. 




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