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The Smaller People's Gift Guide

The Smaller People's Gift Guide

 To buy now and get into the festivities together whilst whiling away the dark afternoons, and ideas to put under the tree and open later.

I had a think about all the things we don't need to lavish on the little darlings, and tried to keep it fun and happy making at the same time.

My First Cookbook. Adorable entry point for budding chefs by Dave Atherton, last years Bake Off Star.


 Bluetooth Water Light speakers

 All you need in a box to make your own Gingerbread House put together by Holly Bell, of Bake Off fame, a mother who knows how to make it easy for us to bake with our children. All the decorations may be gone before we finish baking but it's one of those holiday traditions that are more fun if you have delicious gingerbread to eat after. 

Night Before Christmas. Every Christmas Eve a must read in new pjs.


 An Elf in a Tin

What's not to love. An Advent Elf Personalise, add extras and chocolates, it's a dinky tin full of festive cuteness and a nice way to keep everyone away from a screen for a hot minute. 


The Ickabog  The fantasy that JK Rowling wrote in lockdown, hot off the press and word is it's all consuming and fabulous, it was released in November.


Full Little Chef Set, keeping fingers safe so they can get in the kitchen with you and help when they're small. 

Save the Bees Tee. Friends of the Earth Merch to fund their crucial work. 


Break The Mould. The book that talks about embracing your differences, empowering, uplifting and a lesson in empathy and "humanity for eager young minds" (Chris O'Dowd).


Mindful Advent. Wooden set of decorations to make themselves, all happily sustainable and very pretty.

Chocolate buttons bags that are dairy free, and flavour full.

Phoenix Colossal Comics Collection Volume 1 Before you're ready to subscribe to THE PHOENIX comics, try out volume 1. I've heard only good things.

Banana Neon Sign Light



Adopting an endangered animal, such as the Giant Panda, snow leopards etc funds the work of these vital animal protection organisations and makes a great present for godchildren, or those we can't see at Christmas. 

Matthew Syed's latest, Dare to be YOU, is another handbook on how to navigate life as a young person, being unapologetically you and why it is so important. Funny, crucial and a full family read.


Crayon Rocks for drawing, writing and doodling. 

Roald Dahl does Monopoly 

 Make your own Wildflower seed bombs for the bees..

Holographic glitter pots. All that glitters - and is bio-degradable.

 Grow your own Bonsai Tree Kit.


 Holly Bell, a Bake Off baker extraordinaire has put together a beauty of a box set to set you up on Christmas Eve. With everything wrapped beautifully; brownies to eat, gourmet hot chocolate sticks to swirl into mugs, presents for everyone and even a bag of reindeer food. Everything is thought of when you might not have the headspace.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse that we've read together again and again all year. 

Steel Thermos with spoon. Keeping homemade lunches cosy for school, or anywhere else you may be off to.


David Attenborough is the latest to be added to this fabulous collection, Little People, Big Dreams.


Organic cotton Animal Print PJs - we have a lot of these and they are much loved - all ages, all sizes, all animals, the kissing bunnies need to be seen....


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