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The Luxe 'n' Lounge Gift Guide

The Luxe 'n' Lounge Gift Guide

Softest lounge sweat and pant sets for going out or staying in in. Lounging never felt so good, or looked so chic. And it's all sustainably made from beechwood using 4 times less water than cotton production.

I got you 20% off site wide with code LIZZIE20

Luxury Scottish Cashmere Socks. The only evening wear I’m into right now. Lizzieloves for 20% off anything on her site. 


Lavazza milk frother. Best dreamy creamy milk frother  

Cashmere elegance to frame the face and warm the soul. Rosie's Scottish cashmere turbans and ear warmers are a winter essential. 
20% off with code LIZZIELOVES
Intimations by Zadie Smith. 6 essays, all profits going to COVID charities, of startling power, and tenderness. And there's no excuse not to get to the end it's an evenings read which is always a relief. 
Birdsong has never been more needed. 

Arena Flowers are a closed loop flower delivery service and they have 20% off your first order

Ruffle silk pillowcase and eyemask to keep you dreamy and crease free. 


Skincare by the guru Caroline Hirons



Sweet Dreams. A pouring candle that smells of dreams and becomes a warm body oil after your bath.  

Softest socks and brushed cotton pj set all wrapped up in ribbon. I love Yawn, and anything from here is a lovely way to say you're thinking of someone.

SPARKLE AND SLEEP is one of our Limited Edition Christmas gift sets we did with Balance Me. A Beauty Sleep candle, with lavender and neroli and our Be Sleepy magnesium rich drink to prep you for a night of happy slumber. 

Phoenix Lift Face and Neck Oil. With extracts of Phoenix Date kernel, frankincense and myrrh, this luxurious lifting oil comes in a mini sized try out so you can see how its magic gets to work....


These hoops are everything, not called Disco Hoops for nothing. 


Massively award-winning Anti-Ageing Deep Cleanse Melt - it's melty and balmy and all the spa night in vibes with none of the toxic extras.

Silver glitter jumpsuit. Making the transition from bed wear to sparkle so easy. No waist band / skinny jean issues to contend with as the cheese comes out.



Oud, Vetiver and Sandalwood make a combination they called HIMALAYA and it's a winter's night's dream. 

Rainbow CIAO necklace, want everything she makes.

Mugs of Beauty. No-one can lounge or luxe without sipping something from a favoured mug. 

Crisis at Christmas gives food, places to stay and support to those who don't have anywhere at Christmas.

The wavy Gold hoops. Love love love  

Sweet Potato and Turkey Cumin infused pie (from Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food) is my staple December feed a few dish. Drinks outside, freezer filler for later or to leave on someone's doorstep. My book is £12 at the moment and has lots of ideas for all of these.

Advanced Hydration Mask. So velvety smooth and with all the blue tansy delicious, leave this on overnight for a silky smooth morning face.




Brass Bar trolley. Embracing the downtime and luxe with something to drag around behind you that's got all your cocktail needs ready to go.

Set of Vintage Champagne Saucers were a never more needed accessory for the luxe lounging.

Madonna's favourite....Westlab Sleep Bath salts are a mixture of Epsom and Dead Sea salts with lavender and jasmine to soothe. 

The Classic Boyfriend Shirts, in poplin, brushed cotton and all the colours - with monogramming.  


 Tanzanite Pavé Ear-rings to add some colour and sparkle.



Shearling slippers - fur luxe for your feet.


Chequered egg plates, jugs and butter dishes, for breakfast in bed beauty.

Fresh garlands and wreaths to order. Christmas beauty delivered. 

The oldest, and the most atmospheric, Cire Trudo Candles. Dusky, deep and pervades all the corners of your room , worth every penny these candles. 

Saviour Sleep Set, the Bathing Rituals by BATCH 001 are what we all need right now, for slipping into a bath and scrubbing and healing and soothing and inhaling. Spa at home like never before.

Mini window box to bring a lot of joy through the letterbox.


Luxurious knitted hoodie in oatmeal.

Heart pants and bra set. 

LIZZIE20 for 20% off the whole site

Vintner's Daughter. The Essence then the Serum. Just my favourite skincare routine there is. April, the founder, is a Napa Wine child, who brought her fine wine making observations to the careful considerations of skincare. The results are breathtaking and I look forward to inhaling the oil every night. 

Meticulously crafted and sumptuous to the extreme, this is the epitome of self care. 



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