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Spring Sparkle Smoothie Challenge

Spring Sparkle Smoothie Challenge

Adding in one Smoothie to your day is the easiest way of upping your family's fruit and veg intake.

My Smoothie Challenge is on, to help you all feel a little lighter, brighter and sparkier as we get back to school, work and the rest. With a spring in our step. If you need kit I've done all the digging for pretty straws, best blenders in all price ranges and smoothie bottles etc here: http://lizzieloveshealthy.com/springsparkle-smoothie-challenge-guide/

Smoothie Challenge Gallery

Loving seeing all your beautiful creations use the #springsparkle and you might see yours pop up here!

Join me in seeing how fabulous you can feel by adding in some delicious smoothies to your day for you and your family. Upping the daily fruit and veg intake has a HUGE impact on our kids as well as us. When you sign up you will get ALL THIS:
  • Lots of lovely smoothie recipes
  • Tips and ideas for getting kids to slurp them
  • Daily emails to motivate and inspire
  • Best ways of keeping the smoothie habit up
  • Top tricks for buying a juicer or blender
  • Prep and planning to make smoothies as easy as pie
See how bright eyed and full of energy a few more smoothies in your life can make you:


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