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One Click Gift Guide

One Click Gift Guide

My Gift Edit for everyone: the Foodies, Health Nuts, Eco types, Men, and the kids!*


Often not the easiest person to buy for (I know!). They know what they want, but there's always something they need! Here are some of the things I've coveted, treats I'd love, places I adore or just things I've bought recently that have been making a difference to kitchen life: BEST MINCE PIES http://lizzieloveshealthy.com/almond-orange-mini-mince-pies/ KIDS CHOPPING KIT (without losing a finger...) Just bought this set for Phoenix who loves chopping but this kit it totally safe! Opinel Le Petit Chef Complete Set MULLED WINE SET from heaven With a tea light heating your carafe of gorgeousness and these double glazed glasses this is the dream. Glu Mulled Wine Set With Glasses My recipe is here and how to make your own kits to give away: http://lizzieloveshealthy.com/clementine-honeyed-mulled-wine/ CHAMPAGNE GLASSES Nothing lovelier than pretty glasses on a table filled with bubbles at Christmas time, and these are so perfect. LSA International 215 ml Wine Champagne Saucer, Clear (Pack of 4) The Hand Held Mandolin has made a massive difference to the amount of fruit and veg my kids eat. Wafer thin apples in a jiffy, courgettes sliced into soup, and those pretty little matchsticks of carrots or apples on top of anything. It's not pricey and might be a good way to add to your own stocking (just in case!) OXO Good Grips Hand Held Mandoline Slicer Obviously there are stand alone ones that look smarter, and probably do more for a bit more cash: OXO Good Grips Chefs Mandoline Slicer - White THE WOLSELEY BREAKFAST HAMPER A complete dream of a present for someone special. A hamper full of luxurious treats, PLUS a voucher for a breakfast trip there for two. We go every time anyone has a birthday, and it's by far my favourite spot for Brunching in town.

The Wolseley Breakfast Hamper

Hamper contains: ‘Breakfast for Two at The Wolseley’ Gift Card • English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea Tin 250g • Cafetière & Filter Coffee Tin 250g • Granola 500g • Honey 300g • Orange Marmalade 300g • Strawberry Jam 300g • Lemon Curd 250g • ‘Breakfast at The Wolseley’ Book by A.A. Gill THE TONIC - AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for every kitchen This beautiful Apple Cider Vinegar, with the mother (means it's real, alive, and going to do some good)is used several times a day in our house. Willy's Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother 1000ml As a tonic in the morning - perfect over the feasting holiday time In salad dressings - so much tastier than the regular version FLORENTINES I made these last year for a party and packed little bags for people to take home. Was not easy parting with these. But they're a fab pressie: Cranberry Florentines BEST CHOCOLATE EVER You could do a lot worse than wrapping up some of these for everyone you know: Pump St Bakery Chocolate HOMEMADE CHOCOLATES Just the sweetest little bag to give anyone over Christmas, hosts for dinner, teachers, neighbours, make a big old batch, it's super easy and turn them into christmassy bites with these adorable moulds, which you get to keep and use again and again! Silicone Christmas Moulds 24 Shapes, Make Chocolate for Christmas Decorations, Create Snowmen, Ribbons, Santa Clause, Trees and Stockings, Or Make Ice, Sweets, Jello and more. And here's my recipe to make some gorgeous chocs in a jiffy - you can always just melt down a bar of your choice and add some nuts for crunch:


  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • 3 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 3-4 tbsp maple syrup – to taste
  • 3 tbsp chopped hazelnuts, almonds or raisins for each mould (optional)
Melt the coconut oil in a small pan over low heat, take off heat, then whisk in the cocoa and maple syrup until smooth. Pour into silicone moulds and freeze for 10 minutes or fridge for 30. CHOCOLATE BUTTONS - without the sugar crazy Stocking stashers, table fillers etc, these Ombar buttons are dairy free and not packing the white sugar that the dairy milk ones have: I'm a die hard dark chocolate fan, and these really taste good. Ombar Raw 72% Chocolate Buttons 25g - Pack of 6 And Milk ones for those that prefer the paler choc: Ombar Raw 72% Chocolate Buttons 25g - Pack of 6 MY GINGERBREAD COOKIES Just the easiest and tastes crisp crunchy cookie that you can give in bindles as a present, or eat yourself, or decorate the tree with! (I recommend adding chilli powder to these to prevent them being snaffled fast!). We used these cookie cutters: Swift Set of 7 Christmas Cookie Cutters Gingerbread Crunch Cookies ORANGE & ALMOND MINCE PIES Super cute packed up in a little bag with some pretty ribbon tied round, these are my staple teachers presents and anyone who just needs a little thank you. So make a big batch as they are popular with all ages: http://lizzieloveshealthy.com/almond-orange-mini-mince-pies/ PERSONALISED CHEESE BOARD

Personalised Engraved Heart Bamboo Wooden Chopping Board Cheese Board Wedding Gift TRIPLE DECKER BAMBOO BOARD WITH KNIVES VonShef Round Cheese Board - 3 Tiered Fold Out Bamboo Wood Design & Specialist Knife Set CHEESE BOXES and SUBSCRIPTIONS This lovely company delivered all the soft gooey (forbidden when pregnant) cheeses to me after I had one of my babies, it was the best present ever. And they do Christmas boxes at £29, a great present to take for dinner, your in-laws etc. https://www.pongcheese.co.uk DELI HAMPER A perfect present for a discerning foodie, this De Beavoir Deli stocks some of my very favourites, like Newton & Pott chutneys and jams, and my granny's best chocolates Charbonnel et Walker, this one has champagne in it too. Great British Hamper


DREAM STEAK KNIVES We were given a set of these French beauties from a market when we were there on holiday years ago by one of my best friends in the world, and every time we use them, we think of her. They are so elegant and super sharp, not an obvious combination: FlyingColors Laguiole Steak Knife Set. Stainless Steel, Olive Wood Handle, Gift Box, 6 Pieces SMOOTHIES TO GO For those running out the door before breakfast, or wanting to get more fruit and veg in, you can't go wrong with this portable beauty of the NutriBullet: NutriBullet 1200 Series Blender with Smart Technology and Stainless Steel Mug, 1200W, 12pc set If you've got a juicer or smoothie machine NEED I wrote up my full blown, across the prices ideas here: ALL MY BLENDER AND JUICER INTEL MEAT THERMOMETER No more guessing when anything is cooked, the roast types love these to jab into anything - and they are perfect for the turkey on the big day: Salter Kitchen Analogue Meat Thermometer, Easy Read Food Probe, Cooking, Roasting, BBQ, 1 Degree Precision, 50-100C Measurement Range + Ideal Temperature Measure Gauge for Perfect Roast Every Time

COURSES I don't know why it's the place for men, it;s not, but I gave this to my husband as a present before we got married and he loved it. The Ginger Pig is an amazing place to learn all about everything meat and butchery: https://www.thegingerpig.co.uk/butchery-classes/our-classes/


Giving presents can so often feel like just filling up houses with more STUFF. Here are some options that are practical, useful and have a lighter footprint and last longer than most. I'm particularly trying to stop bringing plastic into my life these days, so these are all things I've bought recently and love: WATER CARAFE FOR LIFE The perfect transition from a plastic water filter. This charcoal purifies your water, makes it taste fabulous and this glass carafe is so pretty you'll drink more water just having it around. The charcoal sticks are not expensive and you only need to replace them every 6 months. Black+Blum Eau Carafe with Charcoal Water Filter,,, 10.00 x 10.00 x 29.00 cm Replacement Charcoal Sticks: Black + Blum Set of 3 Replacement Charcoal Filters for Eau Water Bottles or Carafe Black BEESWAX WRAPS Cling Film is one of those dreaded SINGLE USE PLASTICS that are the worst offenders and get everywhere. So when I discovered these two brilliant women who had started up their company this year making these delicious smelling, totally practical and really beautiful wraps, I just can't get more excited. Please support them, the planet and your family's plastic load, by buying them up for everyone you know. I've bagged you lot a nifty discount if you add LIZZIE15: Beeswax Wraps

ELEPHANT BOXES Stainless steel reusable beauties for all the food storing, portable tricks you need. They look lovely, work perfectly and you can keep them forever. Another small company that cares a LOT: LIZZIE5 will get you a discount there too: https://elephantbox.co.uk


I'm always trying to stem the tide of plastic in our house, and after 10 years of kids Christmases it gets easier to see what might just be in the bin in a few days time. So here are some treats to last a little longer I hope: GROW SOMETHING It's a boring cliche, but getting children involved in food makes all the difference, so making growing veg fun is never a bad idea. FUNKY VEG & SALAD KIT Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre – 5 Extraordinary Vegetables to Grow Wacky Tomato Kit: Plant Theatre Wacky Tomato Kit - 6 Weird & Wonderful Varieties to Grow - Great Gift Plant Theatre Psychedelic Salad Kit WORM WORLD This just looks like hours of fun and no screens needed! My Living World Worm World THE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: Something fun to read that isn't covered in plastic toys is not as easy as you'd think to find. But these work: THE WEEK JUNIOR All the news you can fit into a mag that kids want to read. 8-14 yr olds The Week Junior Has kept my 10 year old happy for the last 2 years. He read it cover to cover on Friday after school, and has way better knowledge on what's going on than me as a result! Christmas Subscription Offer THE PHOENIX A comic that I recently heard about and sounds like just the thing for my Phoenix when he can actually read. MAKING SCIENCE STUFF I'm giving some of these to my lot. Magnets: 4M Kidz Labs Magnet Science Robotic Hand fun: Great Gizmos Kids Labs Robotic Hand STOCKING NUMBERS Make skin crispy every time and every roast tastier without endless spooning of juices, I could;t live without Eminem and this one is stainless steel which is what I'm going to upgrade to. Deluxe 304 Stainless Steel Turkey Baster Syringe Injector Needle With Cleaning Brush- black BOOKS Christmas morning was always made by the rustling tissue paper and the heavy weight on my feet of the books that didn't fit in the stocking. So I'm always sure to stock up on books for Christmas and give them to everyone. Always Cookbooks to be had, and these are new or much loved: If you haven't got mine, it's at £13 and you might like it, have a look at what the 78 lovely reviewers have said: Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food: Delicious and Nutritious Meals You’ll All Enjoy Ottolenghi, who is the master of flavour and sweet treats, has finally unlocked the secrets to the trays of deliciousness I walk past most days in his deli: Sweet Beautiful warming Sri Lankan recipes: Weligama: Recipes from Sri Lanka Jamie's latest book that has been selling like nothing else: 5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food Anna's books are beautiful to look at and full of clever, vegetarian food, her new one looks amazing: The Modern Cook’s Year *NOT SPONSORED BY ANY OF THESE, I JUST LOVE THEM, USE THEM OR WANT THEM ALL!

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