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Tags and Twine Gift giving kit

I always love getting into my kitchen to make things that will be more appreciated by the receiver than a tick off the list, and it is so much more fun for the giver than a splurge.

Here are some delicious, easy to pout together ideas that make for decorations and gifts for teachers, family, friends far away that you can post to etc.

Gingerbread Cookies are crucial. They fill the house with Christmas, they can be hung on the tree, given to everyone or used as a name place with some fancy piping skills. It's a ritual and we all love it.


Christmas Cookie Cutter Set


There are some more elegant box ideas further down, but my children love these very Christ,assy ones, that come with a little sleigh bell to attach to the tree, and they make any box of goodies you're giving away look the part.

Festive boxes with bells on

They make lovely teachers presents by icing them with names on. When cutting the cookies use a pencil to make a hole at the top for the ribbon to thread through  


These Crispy dried oranges can work as tree decorations, table decor too or parcelled up as a lovely present.

Chocolate Dipped Orange Crisps





There's no need to keep it all sweet and baking focused either. One of my favourite ever presents was a bottle of delicious oil that a friend had lovingly steeped for me and every time I used it I thought of her and was happy.

You can make so many things here, here are a few suggestions, you can make last minute as they will infuse as they use:

Chilli Oil

1 Red Chilli plus a tbsp dried chilli seeds

Fill to top with Olive Oil.

Rosemary & Thyme Oil

Use a bushy sprig of rosemary and 3 sprigs of thyme

Place in the bottle, topping up with good quality olive oil to fill.


This famous Italian spirit is a fabulous and easy one to make.
You'll need 5 lemons, vodka and sugar.


You can adda little tag and some twine to any of these with your message:


The Chocolate Nut Crunch Salami

This is so delicious, and sliced up on a chopping board with a dusting of icing sugar and some holly, it is the most perfect christmassy show stopper. And its just a melt in a an to make. So do give it a go:


Or some plainer boxes if you want to do your own decor / keep it simple and chic:


These are so sweet and my children love making them, perfect teachers presents with minimal fuss, ad am afternoon's activity all in one:


And the classic, that you can never have too many of, they freeze beautifully, and so does the pastry, so I make a big batch of pastry and mince and then freeze for when I want to bake up another load. They are bite-sized as I think they always should be.


Almond & Orange GF mince pies

I thought these stickers were a nice addition if you don't trust your artwork.

Homemade with Love Stickers


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