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Grenfell Fire

Grenfell Fire

Grenfell Tower Fire Fund: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/grenfellfirefund This time last week 120 families were living in Grenfell tower. Today more than 30 families are without anything in the world and many, many more are dead. I woke up to this charred, burning edifice last Wednesday morning, and my husband had been there all night trying to help. Our 3 year old woke Robin at 2am, having wet his bed, and he immediately noticed the red glow of flames out of the window. He thought it was a car crash, a burning vehicle, something really close, so he went outside to see if he could help. He then realised it was much much bigger and further away, one of the towers, which our son, Jethro, goes to on playdates where his great school friend lives. He was there on Monday afternoon, the day before. He messaged his Mum and asked if it was their building burning, and were they ok. She replied, Yes, they were out, and yes, it was their building. Without knowing what else to do, he went to the blazing building, hoping vaguely he could be helpful. He couldn't, and he saw and heard terrible things that night, as they saw people trapped, and firemen trying valiantly to rescue as many people as they could. When their ladders only reached the 2nd Floor and the residents had been told to stay in their rooms, they were given an impossible task. Without a sprinkler system, with barely any audible fire alarms, and highly flammable, probably illegal, cladding all the way up the outside, this building was a "death trap" according to the Fire Security Expert on Panorama yesterday. There must be justice for the victims of this terrible terrible tragedy, and how it was allowed to occur. As the news crews pack up and the world returns to normal this devastated community is still trying to piece itself back together. The three families from our children' school who lived there all made it out in time, and they all returned to school today, a massive applause erupting as they walked into the playground. They need everything. The overwhelming flood of donations has filled several warehouses, and no more is needed. As well as bricks and mortar, cloth and water, they need so much more to feel human again. As my husband returned home at 5am that morning, shell-shocked and haunted, he woke me up, we couldn't think what to do to help in some way, so he set up a Funding page straight away to ensure there was a security, a future and some glimmer of hope on the horizon for all of these families who survived an inferno. Please give if you can, it will make such a huge difference, and all of this money will be going directly to the families affected. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/grenfellfirefund We are setting up a committee currently to distribute it. And all the updates will be on here if you ever want to check. The kids at school have done bake sales, parents have given all their savings, companies have donated huge amounts and we've been blown away by the support. THANK YOU ALL FROM EVERYONE HERE.


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