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Great Roast Potatoes

Great Roast Potatoes

My husband cares a lot about potatoes. And roast tatties almost more than any other. And this is his failsafe recipe to get the crispest, crunchiest, crazy good potatoes that make any Sunday or roast or most plates happier
  • 1 kg Maris piper or King Edwards are best
  • 200 ml olive oil
  • sea salt
Start prepping these before the meat – they will almost definitely take longer. Peel and chop a good roasting variety – maris piper, king Edwards etc. Cut them smaller than you might normally – most roast potatoes are too big. An egg size spud should give you 2 to 4 pieces. Cover the bottom of a baking tray with olive oil. Enough so that there is a good slick across it. Put a baking tray in oven at 200c. Boil spuds in salted water from cold and simmer for about 10 minutes, so a fork goes into them easily but not so they split when it does. Drain the water and allow them to sit for a minute so moisture steams off – put them back in pan on low heat for a minute if you like. Now cover pan or colander with a lid and shake them hard until all the spuds have rough edges. Take baking tray out and tip tatties into the hot oil. Spread them out so none are touching and return to oven. Turn individually after 30/45 mins and again a while later. Leave them to cook til they are really crispy. Probably about 1.5 hours, but turn heat up or down to time with the meat.


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