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Foodie Pressies for Christmas

Foodie Pressies for Christmas

I'm always in a last minute panic to get presents together, from stocking fillers to adults, there are tons of them to tick off the list. But I do always have a great supply of foodie ideas and treats, which I give to kids to get them thinking about food, or adults, to cook from! Treat yourself, or fill your own stocking as you go - Father Christmas always needs a bit of help! Click on the pictures to see more info on all of them.

For the Grown Ups

This is called a Vintage Cocktail Kit, but would work as a smoothie kit as well. Cocktails and smoothies all round!

I want these for everyone, and one for myself! A tablet holder with a touch pen, for all that cooking from the web that is so messy otherwise. A real lifesaver:

For the healthy foodie types with a sense of humour, I was given this last week and I have been weeping over it, just hilarious:

A truly beautiful object that you can personalise for a special present to treasure forever, these Engraved Oak Carving Boards are made to order and utterly beautiful:

I always imagined a Sausage making kit would be really expensive, but this one is good value, and means you can be sure of everything that goes into those sausages that children always seem to want. Couldn't be easier:

If you're exhausted by the idea of opening all those bottles of wine, an Electric Bottle Opener might just be the ticket:

Stop forking out for overpriced and over-syruped coffees on the go, and take your own in this super styleee Coffee Mug and Press:

Super Luxe 100% Linen Apron:

These super pretty little red sacks - Mulled wine Spice kits are the best dinner party pressie or guest gift, I've stocked up on a load for whenever I'm short of a present: Foor the urban foodie with little helpers, this Indoor Herb Garden Kit is perfect!

The baker who wants to channel their inner Nigella, this Nordic Fleur de Lis Bundt Cake tin turns any cake mix into the prettiest, most festive affair ever:

Too pretty to save for Christmas, these Heart-Shaped Waffle Irons are old school and wireless, so they sit on your stove and you can feed everyone hearts for breakfast whenever you want:

The perfect copper Cocktail Cup:

Even people who say they don't want more Cookbooks are always grateful for a really good one. Here are some of the best new ones around (and one that I've heard is great coming out in March ;) and a couple of old classics in case you don't have them.

The Kids edit We always make these sometime in December - and the kids adore baking, decorating and looking at them all of Christmas! Gingerbread House Kit that is perfect for all ages and comes with everything you need!

A really fun kit to get kids growing things. They get involved, they love it, they want to eat it! That simple. Either way you can spend a long time talking about veg which is always a good thing! They have a veg kit and a Psychedelic Salad Kit too!

Fun Gadgets to get them in the kitchen:

Make some Chocolate Lollies with a snazzy machine, and your own delicious homemade chocolate:

If you own your own Chocolate Fountain you can fill it up with some really good homemade chocolate and make sure they're guzzling the good stuff!

An air popping Popcorn making machine to get your popcorn game on:

A spiraliser - always gets my kids excited about twirling and eating more veg:

Great Cookbooks to give Kids that don't patronise, yet they can follow, and will end up with delicious, real food:

The Silver Spoon is the Italian Wedding Present staple, and this one for Kids I have been giving away for years. It always goes down a storm and then other ideas for varying ages to get in the kitchen and have fun:

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