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Creamy Cashew Collagen Frappaccino

Creamy Cashew Collagen Frappaccino

When I fall, I fall hard, and this week I have been going absolutely wild for this Iced Coffee. All the joy with some skin-plumping extras and loads of energy. It started with a simple shopping list to buy CAMP, the liquid coffee extract we always had at home as kids, as I was in a heatwave state of coffee urgency and really wanted an Iced Coffee at my desk. This little innocent looking bottle of 'coffee and chicory extract' is 25% SUGAR, it's the predominant ingredient, so I got cross, and thought I could make a better one without all that in it. What's the point in getting a delicious cold drink that's gonna dump you on a sugar crash straight after and leave you snoozing. And after 3 tries I have perfected this beauty. As creamy as you like and full of skin plumping added extra goodness from my secret ingredient. (Get the Collagen Scoop here) Whizz until frothy and drink straight away. Utterly delicious.


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