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Back to School Health-Over made easy

Back to School Health-Over made easy

NEW TERM NEW KIT, Discounts and LOTS OF TRICKS to Stay-healthy* *I have not been paid to talk about ANY of these products. I pick the ones I love. I wangled discounts and I'm sharing them with you as they are brilliant. It's a relief but it's a pain getting everyone back to school with all the gear and after weeks of holidays and eating pizzas we're in need of a bit of a focus on getting the good stuff in. So I've picked my favourite pieces of kit here, that you can either win, or shop with a nifty discount code from me!
  1. Finest Fish Oils - BRAINS and the Fish Oil that's so crucial for kids, particularly back to school time.

We could all do with an extra boost, and Omega 3 has been found to help not only with concentration but mood, attention span and ease of getting to sleep! My kids are given a drop of this every morning, and no squeals. By using the code: 'Lizzie10' you'll get 10% off! Have a read or snap a bottle: Bare Biology's Superhero bottles last for months, come with their own little syringe to squirt into their mouths and are altogether genius! We really do take this every day, and I take the Lion Heart for grown-ups. I figured everyone's brains could do with a little charging up.

2. Next Generation Lunchbox Wraps - plastic free and reusable!

All that cling film, and fiddling, is no more! These beautiful Beeswax Wraps are the only thing we're covering our food in this autumn.

Using the code 'LIZZIE' will get you 10% off

If you check out their website you can find lots of nifty videos for folding them into boxes and pouches to hold veg sticks, sandwiches and whatever else you want.

They are homemade by this small company of two passionate women, and they are nothing short of fabulous. I urge you to stock up on them.

3. Rolls Royce of Anti-ageing Supplements - for Skin, Sleep, Hair and evening out cycles as a bonus!

Lumity Life appeared on my radar at the beginning of the year, and I tried them out for a few months, and adored them. I do eat well, and exercise, but I can be bad at getting enough sleep, and sometimes that makes my face look sallow and I don't realise I'm running on fumes until weeks later. And these little soft gels (morning and evening doses) were fabulous, and packed with all the stuff you might forget every day, like Flaxseed and turmeric and all those fabulous things I want to add to my life! I had an energy boost and my skin looked happier for sure.

So I thought I needed to get back on that gravy train as part of my September mission to look after myself, and feel shiny and new. I've just started taking them again and if you want to get involved, I sorted out a 10% discount until (Sept 11th) using LIZZIE10

4. Fave Kids MultiVitamins - Strawberry powder with essential vits and probiotics

Keep the snotty noses at bay as long as you can by getting some of this into your routine. We sprinkle it on yoghurt, porridge, apple slices into smoothies - my little one likes it neat! And it's a bumper crop of all the crucial 14 vitamins and 12.5 billion of the gut happy bacteria to keep your children in top health as the season changes and those school bugs run rampant.

One bottle lasts for 3 months, so although it's pricey, it works and it lasts!

I've snagged you all a discount, use the code mybaba10 to get 10% off until the end of Sept!

My Baba & Zita West Kids Vits

+ GIVEAWAY of 2 bottles is open until Tuesday on Instagram: My Instagram and Facebook: My Facebook

LIVE draw at 9pm TUESDAY 5th. Good luck.

And there are more goodies to win coming up so stay tuned lovely folk. x

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