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Anti-Allergy & Hayfever Heroes

Anti-Allergy & Hayfever Heroes

The exciting news over here, is that we've got our heads and formulations team together to get a brand new remedy together for you.

Those who suffer from hay fever and summer allergies can have their mood, sleep and school work affected; studies have shown that 40% of children can actually drop a grade because of their hay fever. 

With medicine often affecting alertness, and other ramifications there are some natural ingredients that can make a huge difference, and we're thrilled to be working on our latest new remedy behind the scenes.

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After selling these three launch products for two years, over lockdown and into Retailers form Daylesford to Revital to The Natural Dispensary and thrillingly in Holland & Barrett most recently, we thought it was time to bring our latest into the world.

As with our original trio, BE SLEEPY, BE WELL & BE SETTLED, there was a health issue that we felt blighted so many families, and plenty of natural effective ways to help.

For the many people who as soon as the summer days hit have streaming eyes, noses and are impossibly itching.

So we felt there was a great need for something effective, natural and easy to take that would make a difference.

And as with the other three - that were all created by me, originally, in my own kitchen, I've put together a recipe preview so that you can try a home version of this in your own kitchen before we have the finished formula ready to go.

The hero active ingredients with powerful anti-histamine properties that I found really make a difference.


Shown to have anti-histamine properties, used to treat respiratory distress and inflammation.


A 2007 study found that it lessened the respiratory response to inflammation.


 Acts as a natural anti-histamine by reducing the histamine levels in your system - can reduce sneezing, watery eyes and congestion.


This contains immune-modulating polysaccharides which reduce the over-reactiveness of the immune response and down-regulate histamine levels.



This smoothie is designed to be rich in all of those ingredients, from fresh fruits as well as including a boost from Reishi Powder, a powerful anti histamine.

It is not as fiercely fuelled as the end product, BE CLEAR will be, as it does not contain all the active ingredients we will be using, but it is a lovely Summertime Smoothie that will help with the streaming noses and itchy eyes in the weeks to come.

  •  1 Cup Pineapple (core included)
  •  1 Frozen banana
  •  1 Orange Juiced
  •  1 tsp Reishi Mushroom Powder
  •  250ml Milk of choice

Blend together in a powerful Processor until all ingredients are creamy and evenly blended. Pour into a glass and serve immediately. 

You can batch blend this up and freeze in large ice cube trays and then pop them into freezer bags and have whenever you need - or serve as lollies when the summer heat is all too much.




For all those finding sleep tricky at this time of year for whatever reason, BE SLEEPY is a potent mixture of Magnesium, L-THeanine and Montmorency Cherry that have been shown to help unwind and relax, get to sleep faster as well as stay asleep for longer.

"Like a life-saver after years of trouble with getting mine to sleep, this has made all the difference, and we now all feel so much more normal!" Kaye, Mother of 2


*This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.




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