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Come and join me; I'm sharing all my TOP TIPS, failsafe secret formulas and more to keep your family well and happy

all year round

Flourish, nourish and feel fabulous

Take the stress out of daily and weekly food and menu planning

Start enjoying meal times with your kids and babies

Banish those endless coughs, colds and snotty noses

Spring out of bed in the morning with energy and focus

Finally get those big dreams realised

It's relentless working, looking after kids, feeding them and you and others as well as trying to enjoy yourself and have a life of any sort without feeling completely strung out most of the time. And I get so many questions about all sorts of things, which as a Nutritional Health Coach I had time to answer, that I thought it was time to delve deeper and give you a special club where you can get everything in one place. This is for families, foodies, those who want to feel better, and more. Some ideas will be for kids, some for adults, but ALL of the content will be exclusive to you as members and tailored for you by me. In this Exclusive Monthly Members Club you will receive:
  • Monthly plan with a seasonal theme
  • Bi- Monthly LIVE calls to keep motivation and inspiration up
  • Weekly emails with delicious recipes
  • Private Facebook Community for everyone to share how they're getting on EVERY DAY
After my third child I was utterly floored. My thyroid packed up and I was trying to breast-feed a baby and look after the other two on zero energy and feeling pretty bleak. So I know how it feels to be rock bottom and I wasn't sure how I'd dig my way out, but that was when LLH was born. I can tell you know, 3 years down the line, that I feel completely different. Through all the food and lifestyle changes I made I slowly revived and am now back to more than full health, and as much as I share recipes and tips I wanted to give so much more to you. So here it is the BRAND NEW LLH Members Club. As a monthly member you get all of the above, which will be ALL of my very best recipes, tips, ideas for you and your kids. And it is going to be an amazing ride. I can NOT wait. Those who sign up before February will get the BONUS of one of my tried and tested programmes that hundreds have loved. Just choose whichever you want and we'll send it straight to you. Here's to a fabulous year ahead of us.
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