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These tried and tested favourites are the only things I would buy again if I was starting this journey from scratch. Worth every penny, they are ergonomic, great for kids and helpful for parents. And they all look fabulous.

First up, the best combo of steamer and puree maker that ever was. One machine, many jobs done. This was used a lot over 6 years and I still stick an apple in there to steam now and again:

Baby bottles are a bit of a minefield, as so many of them are full of toxic plastics that leach into the drinks when hot especially. I really rate the Dr Brown's brand for being toxic free and helping with wind: For high chairs I would look no further than these. All 3 of my kids are still sitting in theirs years down the line and it means from the very start a baby can join you at the table rather than be left with a sorry plastic tray of their own.

Tupperware that I discovered WAY too late, these smart tubs have dials you can change the dates on, so you never forget how long something has been in the fridge for! Genius.

A full set of colourful and BPA free non-smash dining ware that's a snip:

Get the smoothies and tasty drinks ON with these beautiful Glass Kilner jars with handles and straws. My kids slurp anything up from these pretty things and you're keeping the toxins out by using glass: