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“Not only is she a brilliant cook, but she fundamentally knows what is good and what is bad in food. I can’t wait to see it” Thomasina Miers, Masterchef Winner, Wahaca Founder, Mum of 2 “This woman’s stuff is so great, so accessible and so informative. I would defo buy her book” Lydia, Mum of 1 “More, more, more” and “Oh No Mummy there’s not enough left”, definitely a success, Lizzie, you are our food hero”. Lucie, Mum of 2 “Sort out your cookbook NOW or move in with us” Louise, Mum of 4, London

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"I want to eat everything in your pictures". Amanda de Cadenet “I’ve come across your page via Facebook and it’s AMAZING. Your pictures are wonderful and so inspiring. Do you have a book or sell your recipes anywhere.” Katherine, Mum of 2, Hampshire “Follow you on Instagram but as I’m in Australia I won’t get any of your food. Are you doing a cookbook in the near future or how would you suggest I find some of these recipe ideas you make?” New Mum, Australia “I hope your book comes out soon as your recipes are exactly what I’m looking for to help keep my family happy and healthy”. Sve1 - Instagram “Thank you so much for your recipes, I’m gluten intolerant and struggle to get decent food the ‘free from’ section seems so limited, can’t wait to start making your gorgeous healthy food”. Sarah “Your page is amazing, exactly what I have been looking for for two years! My daughter and I are both gluten intolerant and I’m fed up with the supermarket options and the additives they have. Looking forward to making your recipes and visiting your website.” Laura

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“I really enjoyed last night. I cook and love to but you gave me great tips and ideas I had never thought of as well as wonderful recipes. Really excited to try things out”. Zoe, single working mother of 2 hungry kids “So many great ideas and recipes that were delicious. Just what I needed after getting myself in a rut and repeating old recipes endlessly.” Sarah Mum of 3 “I’ve really noticed a difference in my nanny’s attitude. You managed to give her a new perspective and she feels she haslearned a lot that day, and not just about cooking – but being more sensitive to thing’s from the children’s point of view. I couldn’t be more grateful.” Kate, mum of 2

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"Lizzie! Watching your Snapchat has inspired my cooking and shopping. It's so inspiring and opens my mind to think more about clean eating without being stuck in the kitchen for hours on end. As a single Mum to a fussy 3 year old you've really made me want to get more goodness into him. Thank you so much.xx" Natasha, single mum.