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5 reviews

Three x BE SLEEPY (5 x 2g sachets)

When we all need some help winding down and getting more rest, the combination of these targeted nutrients mixed to make a bedtime drink, is a godsend.

Using the natural melatonin that there is in Montmorency Cherries, that encourage the production of tryptophan, critical hormones for sleep.

Alongside Magnesium that relaxes the nervous system and L-Theanine, that boosts serotonin levels and reduces neurotransmitters that create anxiety and stress.

A pretty purple drink we stir it into milk and give it to anyone feeling sleep hard to come by or in need of some help relaxing. Take a couple of hours before bed regularly to reap the full benefits.

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Emma B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I am sorry to say that these didn't help my daughter but she does have anxiety for going to sleep. She loved the taste so it was not difficult for her to drink them but they didn't ease her into a deep sleep sadly

Yas R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
A miracle!

My little boy is 2.5 years old and has never in his whole life slept ‘well’ he’s always been up atleast 5/6 times a night and we’ve had so many nights much worse, I tried this because I thought why not it can’t do any harm! He’s been sleeping most nights ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! And even the nights he doesn’t it’s just once or twice waking up and easy to go back to sleep! Honestly miracle powder and he’s been having it for about 2/3 months now! He calls it his magic milk before bed and loves it. Can’t recommend it enough.

Claire K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
It works!

Our 11 year old son has always had problems switching off and getting to sleep. Be Sleepy has been a huge help. He gets to sleep much faster now. We have tried and failed with so many other 'sleep' products designed to help. This one works for us - would recommend!

Helen B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
It works for us!

I have two children, 8 and 4. One finds it hard to get to sleep, one wakes up too early. After 3 days of giving this to them after dinner my 8 year olds was asleep 1.5 hrs earlier and my 4 year old was sleeping about 1.5 hours longer. I warm 100ml full fat organic milk then use a milk frother to mix in 1tsp drinking choc and the sachet. They think it’s a treat and love it. I’ve re-ordered quite a few times now and can notice the difference when they’ve had it or not.

Sinead W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
be sleepy triall

Hiya, my daughter was happy to drink down the powder in her milk prior to bedtime, however we have not noticed a significant improvement in her sleep avoidance tactics. I do like that we are supplementing her with beneficial supplements, so all is not lost.