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60% of children in Britain are low in Vitamin D

It's been ALL over the news again recently due to the study revealing just how big a deal Vitamin D supplements are.

It's not just crucial for bone growing but overall health and it was amazing how many colds and flu viruses could be prevented by a simple dose of this wonder Vitamin.

Especially for children.

Dr Benjamin Jacobs, a consultant paediatrician at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, said:

“The case for universal vitamin D supplements, or food fortification, is now undeniable. Governments and health professionals need to take Martineau’s study into account when setting Vitamin D policy now.”

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And this spray is super easy for those who can't deal with swallowing pills. Either way it's super crucial. 

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60% of children in Britain are low in Vitamin D. A rise of more than 200% in the last 5 years. And worryingly a new study reveals that there is a massive lack of knowledge from both physicians and parents. More than 900 cases of rickets are dealt with each year in the UK at the moment - a bone condition from Vitamin D deficiency not seen here since the last century. Vitamin D is made on our skin, from sunshine. It is stored in the liver and is crucial for children's health. More sun cream in the summer and less sunshine in the winter in the northern hemisphere means we are increasingly losing out on a crucial Vitamin. It is especially important for growing children and pregnant women. It aids absorption of calcium, is key for growing and maintaining strong, healthy bones, teeth and muscles and also is vital for a healthy immune system and impacts mood, skin and blood pressure.

“Growing pains” are often the result of a deficiency, but it can cause rickets, cardiomyopathy and seizures in infants and muscle weakness as well as countless colds, infections and many other ‘undiagnosed’ issues our children are dealing with daily.

Unlike most other vitamins which are readily available in our food, from fresh fruits, vegetables and proteins, Vitamin D is not found in any useful amounts in most foods.

Salmon and oily fish are the biggest providers, and wild salmon in particular has the best levels, eggs, mushrooms and some sea vegetables provide a little, but in order to keep levels high enough to be optimum for our children, we need to provide a source form a supplement.

Recent research has shown that we required amounts have been pitched way too low in the past and children need at least 600 iU daily, and if deficient as much as 2,000 without any toxic effects.

The most bio-available form for our systems to absorb is Vitamin D3 which is sourced from lanoline in wool and is easily and cheaply available in many forms of powders, pills and sprays.

Multivitamins often have really low doses, so do look at specific Vitamin D supplements.

I like the Higher Nature ones, take more than one a day to start with to get a real boost: Higher Nature Kids Growing Bones Tablets - Pack of 90 VITAMIN D LEVELS and REQUIREMENTS Levels in the blood should be over 50 nmol/L if tested Ages 1 month-18yrs need 400-1,000 Units daily Deficient children need 6,000 Units daily

Dose up and keep the bugs at bay this winter.