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PREP your KIT DRAWER my essentials and top secret numbers

I wanted to talk you through some kit choices in case you don't have what you need. I really want to make this a lasting change, not just a trial, so mean business and get excited! You can keep smoothies in your family's life easily, and I'll show you how, and some of this stuff just makes it easier and more sustainable. You don't need anything more than a blender and some glasses really so don't feel you have to get a thing, but it can be a minefield if you don't have any gear. I'm asked a lot about all this and there are so many according to budget and lifestyle that I've done a lot of research for you and these are what I'd look at for blending, carrying, prepping and keeping smoothies:

Getting Started – Choosing a Blender

The bad workman blames his tools and all, but oh boy! when the tools are good the work is sweet. So get going on this first before we begin, as you’ll fall at the first hurdle without a decent blender to cut through that frozen anything and make you a creamy, fabulous drink every day (lumps are a REAL buzz kill). So, to deal with blitzing up a smoothie in the wink of an eye, I have test driven a few and there are a ton of choices, as I said, depending on your budget, your space and your lifestyle, and we covered them all, I think!
  1. FAVE My absolute and total favourite is the beast that is the Vitamix. I KNOW it's pricey, I felt sick when we bought ours 12 years ago, but it is unbeatable. I've used ours at least twice a day, it gets through anything, makes soups, smoothies, humous and nut butter as well as anything else, and it washes itself up! If I could take it on holiday I would. For me a no-brainer investment you'll leave to your kids! Vitamix Professional 300 Food Processor & Blender 2L (40% Quieter)
  2. PORTABLE Then the go anywhere, blend anything, NutriBullet that is perfect for shoving in the packing, taking to work, on holiday, away for the weekend. This is your baby if you need a portable and effective machine that takes up no space.Nutribullet Graphite 8-Piece Set with Bonus NutriBlast Seed and Fruit (Graphite) (As Seen on High Street TV)
  3. CLASSIC & ELEGANT I'm a huge fan of the Magimix brand, and they have a solid, sleep and beautiful one here that's way less expensive and will do the job for sure if you can't face that price tag. Magimix Le Blender 11610 - Black Finish
  4. VALUE Then there's a really straight up one from these guys that is way, way cheaper, does the job and should keep you going happily. (disclaimer, I only used it once so I don;t know how long they last) Breville Blend and GO Breville VBL096 Blend Active Family Blender

Accessories - Smoothie Bottles with lids, Straws and more

So you've got a blender, you're good to go, and this is all just extra, but I'm sharing what I use, what I like the look of and what makes life easier. You’re much more likely to keep this as a part of your routine if you like what your doing it with, it’s easy and simple and drinking them looks pretty, I have found, so spend a few quid on some good smoothie wares.
  • The Classic Kilner Jar with a stainless steel straw and lid - a 1 Litre glass one for the grown ups!
  • Insulated bottle with a lid for smoothies to GO - keep them cold and delicious on the way to work, school etc:
VonShef Stainless Steel 500ml Water Bottle Small Mini Flask BPA-Free, Double Wall Insulated Vacuum Drinks Sports Bottle And Vintage Mini Milk Bottles that are AMAZING value, so I had to buy some too! VonShef Retro Milk Bottle Drinking Glass Set of 6 300ml WITH Reusable Straws & Lids
  • Bamboo Straws, better for you and the planet than a disposable plastic number, and they look gorgeous.
2 Pcs Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws Reusable Bamboo Straws 9 Inch By Wetrys That's all for now! I'll send you the Recipes, and the Plan tomorrow in time to get those fresh fruits and veggies stocked up in time for MONDAY FUNDAY! It's going to make you look and feel fantastic just adding one (or two) nutrient packed smoothies a day, and together we can keep each other motivated and on track.


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