WE RAISED A STAGGERING £127,345 which is about to do a HUGE amount of good. I will keep you updated all the way.


STEENS HONEY OWNER SHERYL got this all started so a HUGE thanks to her for sending 65 pots of honey all the way from New Zealand to help the people of Grenfell.

HUGE thanks to all the companies and individuals who have donated these

List of WINNERS!

Please email info@lizzieloveshealthy.com with your address if you are a lucky WINNER!

  • Gold Graduated Hoop Earrings from Otiumber Karen Parker//
  • Luxury Facial from Pfeffer Sal Tara Lane Fox /
  • Designer Hobo Hand Bag from Davina Mulford Lauren Irons /
  • Leshy Lamb Mum and baby leggings set Kate Morgan//
  • Signed copies of my book! Priceless! Sarah Towne & Cassie Whitmee /
  • Bahlsen Deluxe Hamper of Chocolate treats Mia Vaughan //
  • Claris Body Oil + Dermalogica Power Firm Laura Saxby
  • Chinti & Parker Breton heart top Zoe Bassett
  • Steen's finest Manuka honey Alice Morgan, Laura McNair, Carmen Fisher, Bryany Cox//, Kate Siesage/
  • Rude Health Luxury Hamper of Healthy goodies Rachel Coleman //
  • Wild Things Bouquet M Gardner//
  • Lumity travel packs supplements Larissa Pearsons, Debbie Milton, Georgina Sheward /, Jess Harms, Gemma Hallett, David Tew/, Lizzy O/
  • An Emma Wren family photo shoot, newborn or pregnancy Charlotte Spence
  • Luck & Luck Liberty Christmas Deluxe box of goodies R Jenkins //
  • Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Face Oil + Environ Sculpting Gel Joanne Foreman//
  • Norah's Brownies x2 big boxes delivered Laura Noble & Lorna Bayles
  • Lumity Facial Oil Paula Warwick
  • Little Green Home Gift Box Sarah Jones /
  • Liberty print Intial Tees Carly Savian //
  • Personalised Craft Company boxes Katie Siege //
  • Cookbooks from Fearne Cotton, Davina Mccall and the Hairy Bikers Rachel Coleman//
  • x2 Full Wild & Gorgeous outfits Claire O Brien // & Claire Hoskinson
  • Hamper of delicious goodies from Nom Foods Holly Franklin //
  • Bottles of Milly's Kidchup Faye Smyth
  • Luxury Lifebox Food Box of Superfood treats Chloe Haywood
  • Vouchers for Sidney Boo Kay Doran & Kate Hasa
  • Sets of affirmation cards from Hollie Yesmum Caroline Westmoreland //
  • Come Together Tee, Prints V & P Lynn Li/ Robyn Philips/ Larissa Pearsons & Rachel Preston
  • Energy Burst Perfume from NEOM Nicky Duffell//
  • Set of Beeswaxwrapxs Candice Levy//
  • Boxes of 14 Vitl Greens superfood powder
  • Organic MOA facial gift set Jennifer Katherine
  • Voucher from Merci Maman for jewellery of your choice Rewa Millinavcic //
  • Cooking class by me in London Amy Morton
  • Kokoso Coconut Brush and oil gift set Maureen Vivian
  • Kids moschino toy hamper Caroline K
  • Kids truck toys Harriet Cullen
  • Carnival Grenfell Tee Claire O Brien //
  • Seven Seventeen Candles Anuszka Stepan Hales / & Brigade Howard //
  • Wall Musings Prints Joanne Bewley/, Annis Richmond, Andy Raikes
  • Soap & Glory Gift set Harriet Cullen
  • Tiba + Marl Bag Lizzy O
  • Miss Magpie Spy Card Sets Gee Whitlock//, Penny Harris Taylor, Ami Robinson
I'm still receiving more and more prizes, the compassion and generosity of the wider community has astonished me, but these are what we already have:
"The Grenfell Tower fire is the biggest civilian disaster in living memory. Not only has it destroyed countless lives and families, it has traumatised an entire community and ruptured existing democratic and societal norms." Extracted from the Grenfell Renewal Strategy, which your donations will be going towards. The Grenfell Renewal Strategy is working independently of the council and other charities/foundations which have been found to have let down the community. It is being run by a close neighbour and friend, ex-charity worker, who has been running the 'Grenfell Assistance Centre' since the night of the tragedy, and has been in constant communication with the survivors and the local community to work towards a long term plan to help. His knowledge of the situation and delicacy with dealing with it is unparalleled.

This is a long term solution to a devastating tragedy that has only just started to have its impact. It will ensure some stability, support and help for these families for the distant future. This is what you will be contributing towards and I can't thank you enough.
Tickets are £10 but feel free to buy as many as you want - the more the merrier for everyone and the more chances you have of winning these fabulous goodies:



So many families with NOTHING left please give if you can

A child's homework that fluttered into my back garden the morning after the fire. Broke my heart into a thousand pieces.
Jump in and join me in seeing how fabulous you can feel by adding in some delicious smoothies to your day for you and your family. Upping the daily fruit and veg intake has a HUGE impact on our kids as well as us, so I've created this BRAND NEW and totally FREE Smoothie Challenge to share with you.
The Grenfell Tower fire has meant that so many families are left with nothing. Friends of ours and our children amongst them. My son was there welcomed many times by his friend. The centres are so full of physical stuff they are filling vans and sending them away. But thank you all so much for such generous donations so far. Truly life-changing for these families who are utterly devastated.