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Summer Prep - healthy holidays with less crap

Summer Prep - healthy holidays with less crap

As the summer ramps up and term comes to an end the madness and everyday frenzy seems to build into such a pressure filled state that its often impossible to feel ready for the holidays. The panic buying commences, and you end up spending more than you should on a mountain of stuff you thought was cheap and necessary, but turns out to be more junk!

And as our children and us become ever more aware of the footprint we are leaving on the planet through the choices we make at the till, I'm making this my attempt at a more Sustainable Summer.

So this year I thought I'd prevent my own last minute airport splurges, and the night before online sweep, or the week before Boots frenzy that is a huge chemical and plastic storm of stuff that's been thrust at you by the shelf rather than chosen by you.

I've spent the last few weeks looking into how to circumvent this waste storm that has become hard to avoid when time is short, and I've picked out some things, and brands and ideas that are coming with me on holiday.

The mantra being to "buy less, buy better" and summer sustainably.

  • Hard working pieces that you will wear forever
  • Thought out books, hats and jewellery to stop the airport binge
  • Skincare and sunscreen without the chemical storm
  • Food and drink ideas for on the go and in the sun
  • Less plastic, more recyclable, reusable and sustainable products and packaging
  • Health ideas and things to take away wth you to stop you getting ill or help you if you do


  1. Favourite Kids Sunscreen

Non Nano Zinc Kids Sunscreen

2. My daily SPF tinted moisturiser

Josh Rosebrook, a Santa Monica based natural skin guru, takes such impeccable care over the ingredients of every hand-blended creation you will fall in love. This is a foundation, moisturiser and SPF all in one and I wear it winter to summer without fail for protection and a lovely glow finish.

Josh Rosebrook Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30

3. Brand New Non Nano Sheer Tinted Face Sunscreen

For your suncream drawer / straw bag for the beach, this is a slather on holiday face screen that adds a sheer tint to your face without the heat-creating chemicals.

Face Sunscreen Tinted SPF 30

4. SPF 50 All Purpose Stick

For noses, cheekbones and any areas that have overdone the sun, this glides on, is smooth, skin coloured and smells delicious, and I keep it in my handbag for all eventualities. And to top up faces that need an extra layer.

Sand & Stone SPF 50 Stick

5. Shiny Lip protection

Sun protection for lips is so key, but I don't want to swallow the regular chemicals. This is a glistening sheer lip balm with Shea butter.

Organic Non Nano SPF 30 Lip Balm

6. Luxurious Night time Facial Elixir

My newest obsession - this St Lucia born brand has distilled the most potent natural island ingredients and created the most heavenly elixir that I slather on my face every night. And is half the price of some of the similar ones out there.

It's also the most healing, restorative and calming unction for when you overdid the sunshine.

Skin Alchemist Sesenne Rejuvenating Facie Oil

7. Anti-Fatigue Body Wash

The first natural skin company I have seen to create an all recycled plastic bottle, using ocean plastic! This is worth buying for that alone, but is a beautiful Kelp body wash with Magnesium that soothes tired limbs and helps you wind down too.

Ren Magnesium Body Wash

8. Frizz Free Holiday Hair Oil

Yarok's entirely Vegan haircare range has impeccable ingredients, and this holiday hair saviour works a dream at keeping your hair shiny not sun scorched, with white Jojoba oil and blackcurrant seed for softening and protecting.


9. Mineral Body Sunscreen SPF 30

Favourite adult sunscreen brand created by surfers in LA. It works, it rubs in beautifully, stays on and is mineral non-nano perfection. Plus super styling packaging never hurts.

Sand & Stone Sunscreen

10. Softening Body Scrub

One of the crucial steps in keeping summer soft skin, and a great way to add a touch of grounding to your day on the never-not frantic summer holidays. These beautiful combinations of cocoa, Shea and coconut butters area far cry from the sebum stripping tubes I used as a teenager (Aapri anyone!?).

On damp skin spend a few minutes polishing yourself, and then relax into the bath, you will also smell like a dream.

Coconut Crème Body Scrub

11. Soft Skin Oil

I've loved watching this sister-run brand pick up all the wards recently. Set up to create the purest products to use on her sister during chemo, they have rolled out a full range now and they are showing the industry how transparency can be done beautifully with every ingredient front and centre on the front.

This Organic Body Oil is fragrance free, suitable for pregnancy and babies and the most delicious drink for skin to make you feel soft and dewy all over.

By Sarah Organic Body Oil



For all the intentions of spending hours quietly reading as a family and watching the sunset......Still it's crucial to have thought it through and not end up wasting your precious reading time on any old crap that's lying around or the airports most marketed.


I am more excited about this novel than I have been about reading anything for ages, it's brand new, and everyone I trust has given it such scorching reviews, I can't wait to devour it.

'A book that blazes, glitters and cuts to the heart of who we are. I'm not sure that a book can do much more' SUNDAY TIMES

Three Women by Lisa Taddoe


I was given this last summer, but I never managed to read it, and since then it has been talked about no-stop and I'm not missing out this time.

"Mesmerising epic of family rivalry, love and loss"

Circe by Madeline Miller


I haven't finished this, full disclaimer, but every ounce of it is such startling common sense I am hoping by the last page I will be an evolved mother with all the patience and wisdom to dole out.

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read by Philippa Perry


Elizabeth Gilbert's latest novel was designed to be like a glass of champagne, so I'm excited to test that out by the pool very soon. I loved Eat Pray for its soul and passion and this one sounds like a frothy story bursting with New York life with a big heart too.

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert


I don't read enough poetry, and I used to love it so much. And I recently discovered this incredible poet and started sequestering a few minutes away here and there - when settling into a book wouldn't work.

So for those stolen 2 or 5 minutes waiting for the washing to finish or football to end, grab a few poems from this book and feed your soul some beauty.

Gold from the Stone by Lemon Sissay


Why are we so confused about food, what it is and what we should eat?

There are more chips and more superfoods than ever before. Bee Wilson untangles the mess and makes a smart strategy for the way ahead.

The Way We Eat Now by Bee Wilson


1. Smart Holiday Food Delivery

The holiday dream for those wanting stress free delicious food for their family that is brimming with all the things they need to Stay-healthy and happy. Smart Infused Fun, created by a dream team of nutritionist, chef and caterer who are all mothers, delivers a frozen food that my kids love and I love giving them. Ordering the Holiday Box to keep the summer calm!

LIZZIE20 will get you 20% of your first delivery too.

Smart Infused Food Delivered

2. Snack bags on the run

These plastic free sealable gems are just unending in their uses. You can use them as snack bags on the go, fill them with leakables on the plane, stash leftovers in and freezer and after all that they go in the dishwasher too!


3. Water Bottle that cleans up

Never set eyes on such a beauty for my water supply. Made of 100% copper, with a sealed screw top, dining from it can reduce inflammation and add immune boosting and health properties to your water while you admire it. Copper also has antimicrobial goodies so cleans your water while you wait.


4. Chic bag job

I've been looking for a classic French Market Straw bag to fill with a picnic / take to the beach / market / day out on holidays and all the nice ones soldout and the high street versions weren't enticing. These come straight from France and I think they're good value and look lovely. One coming my way next week.

Papillon Vert French Market Bag £29

5. Carry on Coffee Cup

To stop you buying weeks and weeks worth of disposable coffee cups, keep this in your car / hand luggage if flying and roll it out every time you need a sharpener in style. This Bamboo one can be Monogrammed and is just the most handsome one around.


6. Sickness Prevention on the go

Tummy bugs, food poisoning and all the fun stuff that emerges when you're away, need not be the hellish event of yesterday if you pack yourself a supply of magical charcoal and follow the recipe below should you need to.

(It's great for prevention and also curbs a hangover nicely)

Activated Charcoal Tablets

7. Stashable Edibles

Easily stashed things that make dashing from petrol station food to airports a little bit easier and lot more delicious.

Some fresh things that are useful to combat the angry traveller:

- Avocado - eat out of the skin or add to a sandwich, salad, or mash for a tiny one

- Boiled Eggs

- Bananas, apples

- Energy balls - http://lizzieloveshealthy.com/pecan-brownie-balls/


My smallest likes this slathered on everything, so a sachet of the stuff is a dream to scatter around my packing and dole out to keep people happy:

Pip and Nut Coconut Almond Butter Sachets




For all those times you need a little nap when you're on the move. A perfect concoction of herbs and calming essence that heats as you unwrap it to send you drifting off as you shut your eyes. Just bliss and good back in case the curtains aren't what you're expecting when you're away....



Small British Brand that makes footwear that lasts forever. Quite simply the most comfortable pair of trainers I've put on, and I searched for a white pair of perfection for many moons.

No need to pack endless footwear when you can travel in them, wear them with your dresses and jeans now and keep them going right into winter.

Seven Feet Apart Sneakers


A soft weave and a pop of neon, a company run by a friend of mine, and they make mini versions to twin with your girls, which sealed the deal for me. A summer essential with style that can't be damaged in the packing.

Panama hat with neon band


Transformed my balsamic besieged white trousers with one sweep a few weeks ago and I vowed it would come everywhere with me after that. A clay based bar, it works on grease as well as stains.

Small, powerful bar of natural stain removers for just over a fiver - do it!


5. CHICEST SUNNIES with lenses

A recent wearer of glasses I hadn't foreseen the sunglasses dilemma - buy a pair you love then switch them for your reading glasses every five seconds as you squint into the sunny pages.

The loveliest haven of bespoke glasses, Alexis Amor, who do prescription glasses too, have the chicest shades in town and he fits and cuts your prescription lenses into them FOR FREE! Unheard of.

Alexis Amor Prescription Sunglasses


In place of the three (or five if your me) outfits I used to lug around unnecessarily, one elegant dress that you can roll up into your shopper/ carryon bag in case of lost luggage, will suffice perfectly for beach/pool / grocery shopping as well as a trip to town or dinner out with some extra glossing up.

I love this small business, she makes all her designs from Jaipur and has ethics at the heart of it all.

Dilli Grey Summer Dresses


Hard-working classics, instead of a stream of plastic earrings you'll jettison after the holidays, these are timeless gold classics with a pretty twist that are perfect for the pool, evening or just to dress up your day look. I've worn these every day since I got them.

Portofino Gold Hoops by Assya


Always important to have some miniatures for the holiday packing that can go in your handbag, to the beach or in your carry on.

Its also a great way to try out new products if you're not sure about investing in the big sizes.

Here are some of my old favourites with a clutch of brand new gems I've just unearthed.


My first Natural-Beauty hunt, when I learned about the toxins and heavy metals in regular deodorant and how dangerous that was being absorbed by our lymph system in the underarm area, was to nail a really decent, effective and sweet smelling deodorant. This proved elusive, and a few have been ok, but when I found this brand, Schmidts, from the states I looked no further.

With minis for a fiver its worth playing around to find your favourite. My day to day is Rose & Vanilla, the Jasmine Tea is to die for, and then my kids have been found sniffing the Pineapple which "smells like candy"!

Schmidts Natural deodorant Minis


Often my favourite part of the day on holiday is if I get to have a long soak in the bath and read my book. Make up your own mini jar of these beautiful Himalayan Salts, add a sprig of lavender or rosemary, slip them into your bag, and take as lovely presents too, and soak up some goodness and great to help you drift off too.

Empty Mini Glass lidded jars

Himalayan Bath salts


Brand new beauty brand alert!

You don't really need more everyday treats for your face than these two beauties. A minimal and multifunctional luxury of a cleansing oil, make-up remover and hair treat, and the facial elixir that is a vitamin cocktail for your face overnight, soothes sun damage and works as a highlighter for cheeks too. This combo is called The Wise Traveller.



I keep this in the fridge all summer and freshen up with a quick spritz whenever I feel less than perky. It's a hydrating, rose smelling treat that is perfect for thirsty skin and works on top of make up to add a glow. And it comes in a small size to take anywhere.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Mist

5. Rose & Coriander Face minis

A restorative face oil for night and a dewy, soothing cream for the day is kind of my perfect combo at the moment. And these new miniatures from lovely brand Flower Spice who use pure formulations and recyclable packaging.

Rose & Coriander Travel Minis

Something for the Kids

Often it's the extras, forgotten things and panic to keep them happy, fed, occupied that means we end up, despite best intentions, buying a whole host of plastic / chemical / unnecessary and very disposable stuff for the children on holidays.

Here are a few ideas to try and avoid that.

And then there's the endless battle to compete for screens. Here are all the things I'm throwing at the problem.


These are some failsafe games we love and some news one we're going to try out that are easy to pack, and keep mine happy on planes, trains and automobiles.

Avocado Smash – card game for 10s and under

Boggle - Best little word game for all ages to do wherever

Dobble - Most played card game in our house - for ages 3ish upwards

2. Kit for minis and you

Twinning super stylishly all summer in these effortless boho maxis that remind so much of vintage Monsoon that we grew up in, I had to get a pair.

They are selling out fast so don't delay!

Boho Maxi Dresses


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