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My top picks of Natural Cleansers

My top picks of Natural Cleansers

"Cleansers are the most important part of your day."

"The first thing you should change if you're looking to switch to natural skincare" If you want to read more, this beautiful book has me hooked with it's recipes, beauty ideas and elegance: High Vibrational Beauty The reason for all this skin care research I've launched myself into over the last few months started with my cleanser. After falling out with all astringent foaming ones that I felt stripped my skin and always left my face feeling taut and parched, I got hunting, and I got totally hooked on what I thought was a lovely natural, waxy, melty cloth cleanser. But recently I discovered that the Eve Lom cleanser, I'd assumed was all good, was not what I thought it was! And in fact has a couple of nasty ingredients, and is mineral oil based, not ideal and I thought I could definitely do better. So my hunt started again. I adore a hot cloth cleanse but wanted to make sure I'm getting decent ingredients along with that. Washing the day away has become one of my favourite, relaxing nighttime rituals, and the refreshing wake up tonic in the morning I'm addicted to. But the difference I have found in the products and their results since overhauling to non-toxic has been eye-opening. I look forward to it so much now I have some incredible non-toxic, natural products, beautifully smelling and totally effective, they are total favourites to use. So, after talking to experts, beauty insiders and lots of you, I set about trying out A LOT of cleansers. These are my absolute favourites, and I love choosing one that works with the time of day, season or mood I'm in: 1). MORNING WAKE UP FACE SPLASH ONE Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser I never thought I'd go back to a foamy, rinse off Cleanser again, but I was convinced by the beautiful consistency of this, the refreshing fruity smell and the total WOW of the soft, silkiness of my face afterwards. Absolutely leagues above any water-rinsing cleanser I've ever tried. Indie Lee started her American brand after being given 6 months to live and trying to get all the toxins out of her life. She's now running an incredibly successful, totally beautiful Natural-Beauty brand that WORKS. Try this out, my favourite morning, summertime cleanse. 2). NIGHT TIME MELTY JOY Pink's Boutique Anti-Ageing Melt The first Melting one that I tried that did exactly what I needed it to. This is a soft, creamy texture, not waxy and not sticky. It leaves my face feeling so hydrated and plumped up for a night of rest, and not screaming out for moisture that most cleansers seem to. There is also a Hydrating Melt that comes a close second to this, and if you're not as old as me, might be more up your street! Pink's Boutique is one of my favourite finds, honest, well researched and utterly effective, Kirstie who runs it knows more than most about Natural-Beauty and she really cares! I haven't been let down by any of her products yet. 3). FAVOURITE FOR INHALING HEAVENLY SMELL BALM The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter With a strong and intoxicatingly fabulous rosemary smell and a lovely, thick, buttery feel, this is a perfect cold, tired night cleanser. It feels uplifting the aroma and clears my head, as well as coming off creamily with no stickiness, leaving a warm, soft face. 4). SUPER SENSITIVE ONE Josh Rosebrook Complete Moisture Cleanse I have pretty delicate skin, and sometimes cleansers can feel prickly and harsh, but this genius Josh Rosebrook, never goes wrong, and this Cleanser is calming, gentle and softening whilst doing the job at the same time. I used this when I had too much sea and sun and it was perfect. I could go ON AND ON, as there are more that I love and there are oils that need a mention, like: 5) FAVOURITE CLEANSING OIL Votary Superseed Cleansing Oil the brand new, and amazingly priced BY SARAH LONDON brand has launched a lovely clay based melt that is incredible value: 6). BEST VALUE FOR AMAZING INGREDIENTS By Sarah London Green Clay Cleansing Balm Please let me know what works for you, what you like and if you've tried any of these what you thought. And next up I'm doing toners, serums and all things plumping, boosting and nourishing with no nasties! Any tips??

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