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My New Book is Out NOW!

My New Book is Out NOW!

Her first book is available to ORDER NOW HERE: Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food With over 100 recipes, meal plans and chapters on nutrition and 10 ways to Crack Fussy Eaters, this is "a dream cookbook for all the family" and has had ONLY 5 STAR REVIEWS on Amazon so far! Lizzie King is a Nutritional Health Coach, graduate of Leith’s School of Cookery and mother of Jethro 9, Calypso 7 and Phoenix 3. She is an author, and the founder of Lizzie Loves Healthy. Coming from a big family even bigger on food, she’s been surrounded by delicious cooking and food all her life. She is known for making deliciously easy, super healthy food for babies, children and families. All food is gluten and sugarfree. Initially, through her Vitalove range, she sold baby and childrens' meals across London. Now she writes a popular blog, creates recipes for brand partnerships and is working on some very exciting new projects for 2017. She holds regular Cooking Workshop evenings in London privately and at other venues like Daylesford, Summerill & Bishop and Soho Farmhouse where she shows how easy it can be to make fabulous food fast, talks about kids nutrition, what they need, why and how best to get the to eat it! Follow @lizzieloveshealthy on Instagram and Twitter for daily tips, time-saving advice and recipes to keep everyone happy and healthy.


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