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Keep calm and carry on eating

Keep calm and carry on eating

Keep Calm and Carry on Eating. How to stay well in panicky times.

Simple steps to boost immune systems and stay well.

At a time when the headlines are screaming about infectious disease, loo roll is being stockpiled and face masks are sold out, it’s easy to get swept up in the furore and wonder when to start worrying. Reacting is an easy, panic response, but loo roll and crackers won’t help our health, and face masks have been shown to be ineffective in protecting us anyway.

So surely staying well, eating well and supporting our immune system to be as strong as it can be to keep us healthy is a more sensible way to spend our energy, less of our money and rid us of the angst. 

Here are a few ways to be proactive in boosting our systems; being well is always a better option and for those made anxious by the endless news updates it’s a calming way to do something useful.

THREE ESSENTIALS I’m taking daily:

Vitamin D3 spray



I’ve put together a list (not exhaustive) of things that really help our immune system stay strong, and therefore allows us to fight off the first signs of anything that might come our way, and speed up recovery too.

Anthocyanin rich purple foods


There are a bunch of natural antivirals that are always a good idea to stay on top of in the winter months. 

I’ve been loving this uniquely potent source from the hardy Haskap berry, that is going in all our smoothies at the moment.


The phytochemical responsible for much of this, or anthocyanin, is responsible for the deep purple colour found in some berries and plants, like elderberries, blueberries, beetroot and grapes. All of differing potency of course.

Before Christmas I came across the Canadian, double skinned berry, the Haskap, which has been freeze-dried and turned into powder by a Doctor wanting to harness the medicinal powers it has. Without having to forage for hundreds of them ourselves, one teaspoon a day gives you hundreds of berries worth.

I’ve been taking it daily since then, and sprinkling it on my children’s yoghurt, and in their smoothies to top up our levels and as a kind of insurance policy to take the pressure off what they eat every day.

There are plenty of recipes to add to your day like this Antiviral Pesto and the elderberry recipe I made here:

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

A heavy hitter course for 7 days if you think you’re coming down with something, this has a potent combination of all the things you need in one:


Intense Immune Support

Antioxidant protection


The two that are responsible for immune health that we might need to boost, are C + D.

VITAMIN C is a master antioxidant to protect your cells and support strong immune function. 

It is not made in the body, therefore classed an essential vitamin, and in times when we want the levels to be optimum without worrying about every ounce of fruit eaten, supplementing is an anxiety quasher.

From fruit extracts, this organic option is powerful and naturally derived:

Pukka Natural Vitamin C

Drops that are easy to give to babies and small children:

Vitamin C Drops for babies and children 

3 months – 5 years

Nature’s Aid Chewable Vitamin C

For the over 5’s

VITAMIN D Low levels of this can weaken our immune system and make us more susceptible to viruses and infections.

“clinical trials showed that taking vitamin D reduces the odds of developing a respiratory infection by approximately 42%”

{2017 Martineau study on Vitamin D supplementation}

Vitamin D3 is the most bioavailable form and this easily absorbed minty spray works for everyone in the right dosage:

Vitamin D3 Adults

Vitamin D3 Spray for 12 and up

Vitamin D3 Spray Junior

And drops for babies and small children:

Vitamin D drops for babies and under 4s


Natural protection


Locking down a good night’s sleep is never easy with small children or lots of work or both. But sleep is what fuels our immune cells, called T-cells, that help fight infection at the frontline. It’s free and it needs to be a priority if we want to feel our best. 

Rather than worrying about when we should turn our screens off, which we know we should but its annoying being told, how about adding something in that you love.

I light a candle and run a bath with muscle relieving Lavender Epsom Salts so getting rid of the blue lights before bed, and sliding into bed is a cinch. 

Sweet Orange and Lavender Epsom Salts

All my other sleep tips including the cherry magic, are allChewable Vitamin C here:

Ideas for helping us sleep

Fermented Foods


Almost 80% of the immune system is found in our gut, so supporting the balance in the microbiome is important. Stress and sleep also impact the balance so see above for sleep, and all the calm down ideas.

Ways to encourage a healthy ecosystem in your gut:

  • Eating fermented foods, live yoghurts, kefir and kombucha 
  • Adding an effective probiotic to your diet, I have been taking Symprove for 4 years and its results and the science backing it up is why I will take this every day forever.
  • Eating the rainbow to keep your fibre levels high that feed the good bugs
Wild Garlic Pesto


Washing hands is the message, and the most effective protective action according the medical advice. But making your own to stick in your hand bag is a way to avoid the unknown gloop and the shortage of sanitisers out there. 

5 pocket glass spray bottles


We know washing our hands is key, but if you can’t get to a sink, your on the move, and given commercial hand sanitisers are in short supply, or you just want to know what’s in yours, they’re just three simple things together to make your own.


According to the medical world, as long as you hit the 60% mark with the alcohol they are very effective at preventing viruses from being passed on this way. 

The Aloe vera prevents it drying your hands out and then adding an antimicrobial like rosemary, tea tree or a citrus essential oil makes it smell nice as well as adding to the effect.




Mix together in a bowl, top up to 100 ml with boiled, filtered water and pour through a funnel into a small spray bottle.

5 x 30 ml glass spray bottles

Keeps for up to a year.



Going for a walk, a run, taking some exercise are all proven ways to improve immunity, plus being in the fresh air and not touching all those surfaces is definitely a way to keep the anxiety levels down.


Wash  your hands, eat well and stay strong.




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