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Get sunshine ready, chemical free.

Get sunshine ready, chemical free.

It's so easy when you know, there are TWO ways of protecting skin. One is a chemical reaction that creates heat on the skin (heat rash anyone?) and the other blocks rays using a barrier. Get the scoop here.

UPDATE*** LLH LOVES:Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF30 – Scent Free 150ml ***The formulation of the Jason product that I have mentioned before, has got a couple of nasty ingredients - well camouflaged, in their sunscreen, I've been using this, turns out to be a different version, for the last two years, so apologies it is still a lot better than so many, but their Aloe Vera is lovely as an after sun. My new everyday moisturiser that has a SPF30 in is a 2 in 1 that I just discovered and last time I mentioned it it sold out in a day, so be fast! Nutrient Day Cream by Josh Rosebrook: Nutrient Day Cream SPF30 And to get those ivory limbs ready to be seen, I’ve found the most delicious, and the first all organic, chemical free fake tan from Santa Monica, Chocolate sun And for a totally natural cream deodorant that works, smells amazing and isn't leeching chemicals into your lymph glands.... I love this brand and they smell heavenly too: Schmidt's Sticks Sunshine is the best. And I always want more. It is one of the only effective sources of Vitamin D, which is crucial for all of us, but especially our kids. Lots more to read up on that here: Vitamin D the scoop Everyone's skin is different and all mums know their kids best, but as a rule of thumb I let my kids run around in the sunshine, without any cream, for 20 minutes every day to lap up some of this greatness on tap from the sky. But after that, and def before there are any signs of pinkness, I get out the cream. We've been brought up to protect ourselves from the hot summer sun, and our babies with their sensitive skin are more susceptible than anyone to the damage UV rays can cause. So summer holidays, at home or abroad, always call for a good supply of sun cream. But which to pick and is there any difference? It's just a number right? WRONG! One of the best things I ever learnt when I first had kids, was the very simple difference between suncreams.

Is it Physical or chemical the barrier?

Like all the things as a parent, you can feel bamboozled and flooded with marketing faff, and end up really confused. Like I did. So I sat down and did a lot of reading and realised once I'd ploughed through all the information, it was totally straightforward. They are either physical or chemical barriers. So I wanted to make sure as many people as possible found this out too. Suncream works like this, either A) As a physical barrier against the UV rays B) Using chemical reactions to absorb and convert UV to heat All those heat rashes I've always had in the sun, are not from sun damage, but from the creams! So please, please, if you do one thing this summer try out a suncream that uses a barrier, Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, that can look white on application but sink in. They are simply protecting the skin from the potentially harmful UV rays, by just blocking them, reflecting and scattering them. Stefan Wawzyniecki, a chemistry Professor at the University of Connecticut puts it simply “The tiny particles of oxides act like reflectors of the harmful UVB rays, which are the ones that cause the skin to burn.” Any other suncreams, that use a cocktail of chemicals, are converting the rays on your skin, with a chemical reaction, into heat. This can not only cause short term skin problems such as the ubiquitous heat rash, but is linked to many longer term issues and some research is showing that it is these creams and not exposure to the sun that is causing increased rates of skin cancers. These are my top picks to stick in your suitcase. No white snowmen, no chemicals and no heat rash in sight.
  1. Green People make great ones, that are squeaky clean, non clog, not chalky white and totally effective, without any of the nasties.
I want to keep all of your little one's skin peachy perfect, so I've made a list of my absolute favourites that we've used and loved and bought again: This is their special kids' formulation, organic, fab and SPF 30: Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF30 – Scent Free 150ml An all rounder for the whole family that is also SPF 45: Jason Natural Cosmetics Mineral Sunblock 113 g The aftermath for soothing can also be a minefield, and their simple 98% Aloe Vera gel is lovely and moisturising without being sticky, and at £3 you can't go wrong: Jason Bodycare Moisturizing Gel Aloe Vera 98% 120ml 2) Green People are a great brand using only the best ingredients and they do a good, all rounder Factor 30: Green People Organic Sun Lotion SPF30 Scent Free 200ml 3) Lavera have a few I like, particularly for sensitive skins (me): Lavera: Sun Sensitiv Sonnencreme LSF 30 (75 ml) and their lip stuff is great, and not a body part to forget about in the sunshine. lavera Lip Balm SPF 10 4) Lovea When mine were tiny and I couldn't face the battle of pinning them down, my oldest used to squirm like an eel, a sunscreen spray was my saviour, just point and shoot and he loved it too! Lovea Organic Sunscreen SPF30 Natural Sunscreen Spray 125ml (this comes in SPF 50 but is out of stock so keep your eyes peeled pre-holiday) Have a happy holiday and enjoy the sunshine! It's there to make you happy and healthy.


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