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Get The GUT Love

Get The GUT Love

Gut Love

The Gut Microbiome is a living organism that weighs more than our brain, at 2 kg, and has more bacteria than cells in our body. We are increasingly learning the impact the life here has on us as a whole; our guts, our long term health, mental health and immune health.

I can't read enough about this new area of science and all the experts say we are only just learning the complexities of it.

Modern lifestyles have damaged our microbiome, the following are some of the things that have caused imbalance in this delicate ecosystem:
  • overuse and misuse of antibiotics
  • not enough fibre in our diet
  • lack of variety in our diet
  • stress


There are lots of easy lifestyle changes we can make that will have an immediate and effective impact on the make-up of our gut. Such as:
  1. Not taking antibiotics prophylactically
  2. Reducing intake of refined processed foods, particularly sugar
  3. Finding a way to deal with stress - breathing, less screen time, meditation
  4. Moving and exercise
  5. Adding more fibre and variety to our diet - all the colourful vegetables
  6. The very best science-based, highly effective probiotic system: SYMPROVE
I have been taking and giving my kids various probiotics for years. (See my kids post on what I like: )And this one is leagues above those I've taken in effectiveness.


Read all on Symprove here. It’s a liquid based bacteria (non dairy) that crucially has been shown to survive the journey to your large intestine where the microbiome is - which most regular probiotics do not - and has 4 strains of live bacteria. I was told about it by a Doctor, a nutritionist and a wellness friend all at the same time when I discovered it. For me it’s helped in crucial ways; all bloating, digestion, any stomach cramps, plus overall health, skin, mood and ENERGY have improved. Mid winter is not my time of year. But this year I didn’t get a cough or a cold and I’m putting some of that down to this. ⬇️I asked them nicely if they’d give you a discount as I’d love you to try this. So by saying LIZZIE Sym-Supporter-25 when you ring to order: (UK +44) 01252 413600 You get 25% off your first four pack of Symprove. It’s a one time only offer til the end of Feb.


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