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Everyday Mineral Suncare (without the white out)

Everyday Mineral Suncare (without the white out)

TOP PICK: Nutrient Day Cream SPF30 HEATWAVE HELP: This mist from the fridge is a hydrating, cooling dream: Hydrating Mist NATURAL DEODORANT: A stick of natural deodorant that has none of the heavy metals and smells of the freshest blooms: Schmidt's Stick Ylang Ylang FAKE TAN naturally: Chocolate Sun As the sunshine season creeps up on us (like a tired tortoise I agree, but still coming) I know I need to take the day to day sunscreen thing more seriously. So I got trying and road testing the best in the natural skin care lines, to keep us all unscorched and less wrinkly come winter. I wrote a post last year about discovering that there were two ways to stop UV rays - chemical and mechanical sun protection, it's so simple yet so unclear as a consumer, and there's a huge difference to your skin. Click here to read it. And this year, after starting my dig into all things natural skincare, (first lot of favourites written up here ) I tried out what the sun protection options were. There are lots of mineral sun creams out there these days, and you can see my holiday favourites on my last post which you can read here But I wanted to find what the best every day options were, to protect and moisturise without the chemicals and that were effective at hydrating, with a good texture. I'm not a fan of the super thick, white sticky creams that create the snowman effect, or the filmy, milky thin ones that just don't feel like they have nourished your face in any way. I want a proper cream that doesn't leave white streaks, so I went looking for the Holy Grail, and was so damn impressed with my new favourite. So here's what works for me in the sun, I have super sensitive, pretty dry skin, so it's just my take on it. But I'm fussy and I'm lucky enough to have tried a LOT of what's on offer recently and these are what float my boat:
    1. Above ALL others, my easy number one pick, this Nutrient Day Cream by Josh Rosebrook: Nutrient Day Cream SPF30 Josh Rosebrook's line from LA has wowed me, and made it obvious why all the A listers from over there are obsessed. And this every day broad spectrum, SPF 30 day cream is the perfect moisuriser / sunscreen for high days and holidays. I used it in the glare of the mountains last week as well as in the London drizzle this, and I adore it. Light weight, but hydrating and not a whiff of white chalkiness. You can read all about it and shop it at the brilliant British portal for all the best of the latest, natural skin care: A Beautiful World
    2. A really popular one that I haven't tried, but have been recommended so many times, and it's meant to be fab is this from Avene:Avène Sun Care SPF 50+ Mineral Milk 100ml
    3. A lovely brand that I use more for holiday suncream, all natural and effective but more of a tube to put on the kids' backs than use on your face every day:
Lavera: Sun Sensitive LSF 30 (75 ml) 4. Not a sunscreen, but for lips, that can get a battering in everyday life and in the sun, I am loving the beautifully fragrant free and ingredient honest label By Sarah London you can find their organic face, body oils and lip balm here I am loving all your suggestions so please keep them coming. If there's a brilliant brand or product do let me know. And as with anything on here, these views are mine alone and what works for me. We are all different.


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