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Drama Free Holiday

Drama Free Holiday

Packing fills me with dread at the best of times, but with kids and with all the possible drama scenarios away from home it's made thousands of times worse. So I've got my top tips here, of things that I absolutely ALWAYS take with me that have helped me out of almost every scrape imaginable over the last 9 years. In remote spots far from a GP or A&E, cold, hot and everything in between, I hope this is helpful and I hope it means your little ones stay happier and healthier on holiday. From grazes and burns to bruises, suncream, mosquitoes, sleeping better and more - this is your essential guide to getting a drama free holiday! Whilst using the best of the natural, chemical free goodies on hand. Just the BEST suncreams without the toxic chemical combo so many have that cause heat rash and more. They've given you all a discount too if you buy before the end of August, AND you get a free Aloe Gel that is a dreamy soothing sunburn cooler from heaven. LIZZIE10 To make it even more perfect I have a special discount code for you to use by the end of August: MYBABA10 When it can be a bit hit and miss what everyone's eating on holiday but you really don't need anyone to get ill, or even below par, I like avoiding the stress by keeping everyone topped up on all the very best of vitamins, minerals and probiotics with this delicious powder. Sprinkled in yoghurt, on slices of apple and just into a smoothie, it's really high in all the things you need your kids to be packed with and it really let's you relax knowing it's going in anyway!
  • Lucas Papaw Ointment
A one potion wonder from down under that's perfect for cuts, grazes, sore chapped skin, bites, thorns etc the enzymes from the fruit have fabulous healing properties and it seals the skin too.
  • Arnica Cream
For bruises and bangs apply topically and it brings down swelling and soothes immediately. This wonder homeopathic lotion has stopped so many eggs and bruises I can't imagine life without it. Available in most chemists.
  • Avibon Vitamin E cream
Soothing and healing for sunburn and chapped lips. Available from French pharmacies.
  • Medihoney Wound Gel
Using the healing properties of Manuka honey, this amazing gel is antibacterial and aids healing for open wounds, infected eczema and burns so well. My son had a large flap of skin missing from his big toe on our last holiday - a dressing with added Medihoney made it heal so fast and without any nasty infections creeping in.
  • DoTerra Essential Oils
I have just come across these and am blown away by all the amazing things you can do with them. From adding to water as a tonic, flavouring cooking, to calming and helping with sleep, they are uplifting and mood enhancing and so much more. Have a look at all the fabulous things you can do with them and they are packed away in a tiny bag so perfect for travel. Just the best all purpose swaddle, sarong, cover up, baby changing mat all in a beautiful tie-dye organic bamboo cotton blend that is amazingly soft and utterly chic. I haven't taken mine off yet.


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