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Best Face for Fall

Best Face for Fall

How to switch up our skincare for autumn.

I bent the ear of some of the clean beauty industries most forward thinking experts, starting with the lovely Liz McCarthy, from A Beautiful World*

(the woman who always answers all my questions however stupid, has a miracle for any skin problem and has made such a huge difference to my skin in the last 6 months)

* A Beautiful World is a one stop shop for Natural-Beauty that works, curated lovingly by Liz, who has over 15 years of working at the front line in the beauty industry, she gets it.

This time last year I hadn't met Liz and I hadn't started going through my skincare products to weed out the ones harbouring ingredients I just don't want on my skin. I trusted brands that looked "natural" and I wasn't doing what I always tell people to do with their food - READ THE LABEL. Since switching things up (slowly and not just throwing everything out at all) to a cleaner regime over the last few months, I then realised that my summer and spring face needs are very different to what happens in the autumn and I needed to ask the experts, and then see what works. Summer is my happy place, and my skin loves it too, but as the temperature drops and the elements emerge I find redness, dry patches, general reactive issues from my sensitive skin and until now I assumed the way through this was by slathering on more and more thick creams. And NEVER using an exfoliator as I was terrified of those crunchy face stripping scrubs I used as a teenager. BIG MISTAKE. As soon as I started talking about this I realised we all needed some pointers, as I wasn't the only one missing the point. I have been using these pointers for the last month and so far no redness, no dry patches, and really happy skin! To help out with the Autumn natural skin switch up, I've got you all a special treat of a free Bee Yummy Honey Mask (worth £33) with the code LIZZIEMASK for every £100 spent. MY PICK OF THE TOP AUTUMN HEROES from A Beautiful World: 1. Brightening Cleanser, what's not to love. It has a zinging strawberry smell, splashes the night off my face, and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and clean, a combo I never thought I'd find in a foaming cleanser. (This is the one that was smashed by my son last week and I am still in mourning!) Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser And also from Indie Lee the Rosehip Cleanser which is perfect for sensitive and rosacea prone skins like mine 2. A chocolatey face mask I could eat, that tingles so gently and leaves my face so strokably soft I couldn't believe it (who knew the dead skin sitting there was stopping that glow?!) My go to Josh Rosebrook the LA based brand the stars go mad for: Josh Rosebrook Cocoa Antioxidant Mask 2. And after you've sloughed off all that old summer skin, it can drink in the good stuff so much more easily. This feels heavenly has notes of glorious vanilla and soaks in to create a supple sheen that I am jut not used to seeing in autumn! S5 Replenish Serum: 3. The uber luxe wonder serum that has literally melted away some of my lines since I started using this a few months ago. It's pricey but I use a teeny tiny bit every day, it lasts forever, and I really would just try the mini one and you will NEVER look back: YULI ambrosia 4. Wilderness Candle for a pampering cosy night, it smells of pine and cedar and like you're walking through a forest, is great value and you are not inhaling all the toxic fumes lots of candles come with: Lost in Scent Wilderness Candle

QUESTIONS LK: Why is this time of year so tough on our skin? LIZ REPLIES
Colder temperatures, increased environmental damage such as wind and rain, and going in and out of heated and non-heated places all play havoc on the skin. Colder air contains less moisture than warm air, so as the temperatures drop our skin loses moisture. This can make dry patches appear, and skin more reactive. The key for autumn is to keep it hydrated and protected.
LK: What are the most effective ways of adjusting to the new season? LIZ REPLIES:
Exfoliation and Hydration. As we move from summer into Autumn to help shed the damaged skin from summer sun and prepare skin for the coming winter months it’s a key time to change up our skincare routine. Autumn, for me, is all about two things; Exfoliation and Hydration. I adjust my routine to build in these two steps into my routine whenever I can; first I exfoliate to remove any damaged dead skin cells caused by sun damage, and stimulate new cell renewal, it also help to increase the efficacy of anything I then put on my skin. Secondly, I’ll build in a step focused on hydration; such as a serum or rich moisturiser which hydrates and repairs the skin. This keeps my skin glowing, but also helps repair and prepare it for the coming winter months.
LK: What routines would you add in or take out of your regime in the autumn? LIZ REPLIES:
In Autumn I would look to add in two key elements to my routine; a good scrub and something that encourages new cell renewal. Scrubs are so important this time of year. As the sun gets softer in Autumn, and the grey clouds come in, it’s the perfect time of year to add in an exfoliator to your routine up to three times a week. It will help remove the damaged skin from summer, and give you a ‘clean sheet’ on which to apply product. I use a mixture of both physical exfoliators (such as the Proverb Skin Definition Facial Scrub – it says for men, but ignore that – it’s a brilliant scrub which uses coconut shell and avocado stone to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells) or a ‘chemical’ one (which means using things like natural fruit acids) such as the Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator which uses potent plant, herb and fruit enzymes to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells. Secondly I’d look for a product that actively encourages new cell renewal. There are so many brilliant serums that do this, and it’s often good to find one specifically tailored to your skin’s needs. For me two stand out ones are;
  1. YULI ambrosia, it’s a high price point, but you only need an tiny amount and after about two weeks you’ll start to see amazing results. I think I’m going to use this product everyday for the rest of my life, if I miss it for a few days, I can feel the skin on my face start to drop! It’s rich in small particle hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin, and contains Epidermal Growth Factors which stimulate new cell production. It’s just genius.
  1. Another good serum is the new S5 Replenish, S5 are a range of five serums developed to specifically treat one of five skin conditions, I love the Replenish one for dry skin which I dap on problem areas such as my cheeks and forehead, it contains rosehip oil which is great to promote cellular turnover. Plus is smells amazing.
  • Would you say switching to Natural-Beauty products had extra impact at this time of year?
I don’t think it’s time of year specific. With natural products you’re playing the long game, it’s about long-term skin health. The biggest difference I found when I switched to Natural-Beauty was that my skin felt better for longer. Before I launched abeautifulworld I would go for high-end facials using products with more synthetic ingredients, I would find my skin would look great on day one, but then after a couple of days it would all fall away. The difference with moving to natural is that you’re looking to improve your skin’s long-term health, to keep it looking better for longer. Products that will work with you skin’s natural chemical make up to boost, support and improve what is already naturally there.
  • What would be your luxurious skin-evening-in routine look like this autumn?
I love a luxurious skin-evening-in routine. The feeling of self care and relaxation, then waking up the next morning with healthy looking skin is just the best. If I had a bit of time I would do the following;
  1. Set the scene by lighting a candle. We’ve just launching a new range called Lost in Scent, all based on scents from travels from around the world. I love Mulholland Drive which is a delicate but heady combination of gardenia and tuberose.
  2. I’ll then crack on with a mini facial, first I’ll exfoliate with Proverb Skin Definition Scrub, I apply it everywhere and then massage it over my skin in small circular movements to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Then rinse it off
  3. I’ll then apply the Josh Rosebrook Cocoa Antioxidant Mask. It contains SO much good stuff; Vitamin E to brighten the skin, CoEnzyme Q10 to help restore the structure of the skin, sea minerals to nourish and detox and Almond oil to protect and heal dry skin.
  4. If I have time I’ll also apply a home made sugar scrub to my lips. Check out how to do this here..https://abeautifulworld.co.uk/pages/indie-lee-diy-lip-sugar-scrub
  5. Chill for a bit while the Cocoa Mask and Sugar scrub do their magic, then remove using a Josh Rosebrook Organic Cotton Cloth.
  6. I’ll do a quick second cleanse with something like my Marina Miracle Creamy Cleanser, and pat dry my skin
  7. I’ll then take a small amount of YULI ambrosia, and apply across my whole face, I take any excess down onto my décolletage (“take it to your tits” are Caroline Hirons famously advises!)
  8. If I have any areas prone to dry patches, I’ll dab on my S5 Replenish
  9. Then finish with either The Body Deli Crème de la Rose cream, or a use a small amount of the Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask as a night cream. Add a touch of Khus Khus The Mint Lip treatment and I’m all set.
  • Another wintry bug bear as the tans fade, the dark circles seem more prominent as a result. Do you use special winter eye products or just better concealer?
Yes, this is tricky. There’s a few things you can do to help minimise the appearance of dark circles under your eyes;
  • It’s pretty obvious, but sleep is the biggest factor, try if at all possible to head to bed thirty minutes earlier in the Autumn/Winter, and put away that iphone at least an hour before bedtime
  • Make sure you keep drinking water, even as we head into the colder months. Start the day with a pint of water with lemon in, or your celery juice will be great for this too.
  • Try to cut out sugar and minimise alcohol.
  • Introduce a specific eye serum to your routine. The Indie Lee i-waken one is great to help minimise dark circles and reduce puffiness, and for drier skin types look at the Josh Rosebrook Oculus, the cooling roller ball application is fantastic to both apply the product and help remove toxins.
  • Don’t shy away from a bit of fake tan in winter. I love to apply The Chocolate Sun to my face every Sunday night. It just gives my skin an extra little bit of glow throughout the week.
  • What two products are your must have autumn heroes?
These have to be the two that I think best Exfoliate and then Hydrate. For me this is the Proverb Skin Definition Scrub and my beloved YULI ambrosia.
  • Do you have one trick or tool on the go to instantly brighten and to combat the grey winter dullness from your handbag?
Always, the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator. This is pretty much a perennial beauty favourite and seems to adapt to whatever the weather condition. In Autumn I carry a mini 2oz Hydrating Accelerator in my handbag. It’s a vitamin infused Aloe water, perfect to keep skin topped up with botanical extracts, essentials oils, active antioxidants and vital vitamins. It keeps my skin deeply hydrated, and my complexion radiant.
  • As a trail blazer in the Natural-Beauty arena finding the hottest, newest brands from all over the world, before anyone else, what is your tip off for one to watch? I have loved the new SS5 range....
New brands, oh…we’ve got some amazing new launches planned for 2019, but I’m afraid I’ve been sworn to secrecy. However, there is a new product coming up that I can share with you. Josh Rosebrook will be releasing a new serum later this year called the Hydration Boost Concentrate. It delivers a really high concentration of botanical hyaluronic acid, moisture-attracting humectants and phytonutrient actives for instant hydration. Perfect for winter skin. It’s still in final development, but it already has huge waitlists both sides of the pond. Get your name down here to join the Waitlist as it’s sure to sell out the moment it drops.


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